Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. I made the most delicious smelling Banana Bread today (err, Thursday). It's not the usual recipe (which you can find here), but it's going to be absolutely scrumptious at dessert and breakfast :-)
G loves bananas (what baby doesn't?), I'm pregnant & love carbs, and my husband loves a quick and easy breakfast. Win-Win-Win!

2. I recently (as in today) posted a review/giveaway for CatholicFamilyGifts.com -- If you are here from the 7QT link-up; I know you need some good Catholic Gifts to give any time of year, so head over and read the review / enter the giveaway!

3. Do you know how hard it is to get a good photo of a 16 month old??? VERY! A. they never want to sit still and B. they want whatever you have (re: the camera) and C. their smiles are only ever genuine, so you wish you had a camera permanently affixed to your head to catch all the little moments. (When does saying "Smile!!" start to work?)
I bring this up because I really want to enter G's photo into Live! with Kelly's cutest baby photo contest. I, personally, know she is the cutest baby everrrrrr, so it'd be lovely to win a free trip, cruise, and potentially new car (if she could beat out the 'big kid' winner). I wish it were a cutest kid in general contest, not a photo contest. If they could meet my little buttercup, they would surely know she's got personality to fill the ocean and spunk to the stars.
{For all the "complaining" or "telling it how it is" I do, you can handle a little doting, every now and then ;-) }

4. Still working on my "to catch up list" from when my parents were in town. I still need to blog about our trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, Yosemite National Park, G as a 16 month old, and Pregnancy week 13 (it will probably be 14 by the time I get around to it). I have, however, cleaned the bathroom, done laundry, vacuumed out the car (and car seat full of snack crumbs), cleaned the floors, and let G strew things all over the house so it still has a 'lived' in feel.
I felt bad for my husband because he took a few days off work, but had lots to get ahead on prior to leaving, and lots to catch up on when he returned....but I have decided it is the same for a SAHM!

5. G got a new soccer ball from Grammy (I was a goalie in my prime) and I absolutely loved watching her kick it around:

6. The weather has taken a turn for the BEAutiful around our place lately. Highs for the weekend are in the 70s!! Wooooo! This pregnant lady is jubilant for sure. I see a lot of walks and park visits in our near future. Thursday morning, G and I took a 40 minute baby-walk around the block. I love letting her stroll about on the sidewalk. She enjoys smelling the flowers, picking dandelions, watching cars vroom-vroom past, and aimlessly trotting along without a care in the world. We go about half a mile (maybe a bit more) in those 40 minutes, but it is truly lovely!

7. Sneak peak from the Yosemite photos:
It was gorgeous!
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