Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 Adventures

This Mother's Day was my best one yet (though only my second one ever). My husband was off work on Saturday, so that was a nice treat in itself. We went for a long bike ride, played at a new park (and met another toddler family), went to the Farmer's Market, and went to mass in the evening. Sunday we went to Stockton (apparently the Foreclosure Capital of the country) to check out what the medium-size city in the central valley had to offer. We went for a nature walk and chased geese at a regional park, ate a delicious patio lunch, saw some nice yachts at the downtown marina, and {my personal reason for heading to Stockton} got Sonic happy hour drinks.

The Park was lovely, aside from the $5 entry fee we scowled at. It wasn't too busy, and the weather was perfect. G enjoyed chasing geese and watching them scare the daylights out of me as they got closer and closer to her. They were as tall, if not taller, than her and I was nervous they were going to peck her eyes out or something. We went for a walk in the 'nature' area to pre-burn off the calorific lunch we were about to eat.

The service at Valley Brewing Co in Stockton left a lot to be desired, but the food made up for it. We decided to split two meals. We each ate half of the Waylon Burger and a few pieces of a combo/buffalo chicken pizza. Oh, and we had the garlic cheese fries for an appetizer and split a side salad for our side. Whew. I know we were hungry, but our eyes were definitely hungrier than our stomachs. We took a lot of it home for lunch the next day. G had a grilled cheese that she didn't love and some fruit that she did.

The downtown Stockton marina is currently playing host to the Casino Royale yacht. It is huuuugggeeee. We counted 4 jet skiis on board, 2 off-road Segways, 2 personalized Vespas, beautiful chrome finishes, and a "dingy" that we would kill to have as a fish & ski boat. There were many other boats that my husband loved looking at, and G enjoyed seeing many dogs out for walks with their owners. While it was 'my' day, I love doing things they both enjoy too.

If you are unfamiliar with Sonic happy hour fountain drinks, I feel sorry for you. There are like 9 Sonics in California, and this is really unfortunate. The weather here is beautiful, so I don't understand why the company hasn't broken further into the drive-in market. Perhaps it is because California has a law requiring restaurants to publish the calories in their food right on the menu...and Sonic is far from healthy. Back to the drinks.... From 2 - 4 pm every day, you can get half price sodas, slushes, and limeades. The food is so bad for you, but also amazing. It's a heart attack in a bag, so I very rarely eat the food there. In my mind, Sonic is all about the drinks. You pull your car into one of the many slots and push the button to order (like a legit drive-in). Then sit in your car and enjoy your treat, or take it on a Sunday drive like we did. You won't be disappointed.
My favorite thing to get is a Diet-Cranberry-Limeade, but I also enjoy the Lemon Berry Slush or a variety of other Limeades with added flavors (anything you can imagine). PS. 7-eleven slurpees have NOTHING on Sonic slushes.

I can't forget to mention the wonderful breakfast and card that my husband made for me (with G's help). I also LOVE my present. My new camera is amazing. None of these photos were taken with it, but from here on out, everything is...and it's awesome. The pictures on my recent post about surprise visitors also includes shots taken with my new camera--so check those out!


  1. that breakfast looks AMAZING, and I love sonic!

  2. We don't have Sonic around here :( Although for some reason there's always commercials for it. Looks like you had a lovely Mother's Day!


  3. I went to Sonic today and was beyond happy when I looked at the clock and realized that it was just after 2 LOL!


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