Friday, May 11, 2012

Seven Quick Takes 22


My husband is off work tomorrow. I might be OVERLY excited. It makes Mother's Day weekend even more special when we have TWO days in a row together. We have plans to hit up the lovely Farmer's Market that G and I have been going to the past few weeks. We will eat lovely grilled food, I'm sure; and relax in the glorious California Sun. Being so far from family sucks, but it sure is a lot easier to handle when my husband is home with us.


My husband basically told me what my Mother's Day present is going to be...and I have to say it's pretty BIG! I can't believe I'm getting it, but I think it's really sweet he's using money we should/could be saving on a super awesome present for me. No offense to him but he usually goes down the cheap/frugal path for my presents. I don't mind, because I know it's the thought that counts--but this particular thought is very sweet :-) Yeah, we are on a budget, and I complain about money more than I should...but the truth is he's making a bit more than when we were in Kansas. We aren't able to go on a fancy vacation, or buy a house...but he is buying me a new camera for Mother's Day!!!
I.AM.SO.EXCITED. Taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do, because I love preserving memories. I never want to forget anything and I truly believe a picture is worth a thousand words...especially with a kiddo. My current camera was my birthday present a few weeks after we got married (so it is 3.5 years old and is a simple Kodak point and shoot).


So...my guilty (but I don't feel bad about it) pleasure is watching Desperate Housewives every Sunday. I believe I have seen every episode from the past 8 seasons. It's the only show that I care to watch live--most other's we wait until they are online. I also got my little sister hooked on the show. I love the characters and the writing. I love the ridiculousness of it and I love the truth in friendship/family it reveals. I don't like the 'real housewives' shows and will never watch them...they are stupid. DH has great acting and is fun because it's a TV show, not reality ;-) I feel like I am a mix of Bree and Lynette--in case you were wondering.
Anyways... This Sunday is the two hour series finale. I'm pretty bummed it's never going to be on again, but I am really looking forward to seeing how the writers end it. I also really hope they make a DH movie, like they did for Sex and the City (though I never watched that show).


For the past two days, G has been having her 'big girl milk' when she wakes up instead of nursing. It's not been particularly easy or hard. She loves vanilla almond milk but I think she still wishes she was nursing. It's a really odd feeling for me too. We are still nursing like normal and nap and bed time. I've heard that weaning is a bittersweet feeling for moms...I'm ready to start the process, but also a it sad to replace myself.


On the lines of breastfeeding and weaning...perhaps you have seen the controversial Time Magazine cover that features a mom my age with a nearly four-year-old toddler sucking her breast, while standing on a stool. I can't even call it nursing or breastfeeding; the photo was in poor taste, in my opinion. I am seriously all for extended breastfeeding. If you want to breastfeed your kid until they are 4, that's your right and I support that. I just have a bit of an issue with the way the photo was presented, and why it was chosen. The cover story was about attachment parenting, with a side story about Dr. Sears. I don't think choosing this particular photo represents attachment parenting very well. I know it was probably used because it is generating a lot of buzz about the magazine...but I hate that reasoning. If you've seen the cover, what do you think about the choice of photo. Maybe you are for or against extended breastfeeding, but I'm most interested in hearing your opinion of Time Magazine's editorial decision.


Check out my big girl helping Daddy take the clothes off the line last night:


Have you all entered my Thirsties Duo All in One cloth diaper giveaway?? I also posted a review for the FuzziBunz Perfect size diaper this week. While I like (using a loose sense of the word here) cloth diapers, I will be glad when G is out of them. She knows the word potty now and is used to sitting on the potty after nap time, so much so that she goes there without prompting now. I am pretty stoked to start full time potty training around the end of June. We bought the PRI 4-in-1 potty seat. I'm really pleased that it has 4 functions: stand alone potty, travel potty, step stool, and adult potty seat reducer.

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  1. I can definitely relate on the weaning process. We are still left with 2 nursing sessions (morning and bedtime) and there is no sign of them going away so far. Definitely a bittersweet experience, but I love being able to be out and about and not worrying about if she will need to nurse or not.
    And I am going to have to check out that potty seat. That looks awesome!

  2. I weaned my boys earlier than my daughter, and did a gradual thing. My daughter was 18 months and getting worse and worse about not sleeping without a little snack. I was up more during the night than when she was newborn, and we stopped cold turkey. It was awful for about two days and then it was over. I was a bit sad, but there's something to be said for sleeping two consequtive hours.

  3. I agree with you about the photo on Time. I mean really, families need to make their own choices, but that photo is in poor taste. I don't have kids yet, but I don't think I could breastfeed that long, though if someone else does, I think it's just fine. I think Time used that picture because it looks kind of provocative... which breastfeeding really isn't.

  4. Thanks for your suggestion of the potty -- I need to find one to use for Daniel.

    I'm not a fan of the picture on the cover of TIME magazine. If you want to talk about attachment parenting, there are so many other things that can depict it.

  5. I've been hearing about that Time photo everywhere recently! That is so cool you are getting a new camera, I would like a fancier camera - I always see Groupon-like deals for photography classes for moms but you have to have an SLR. Maybe for Christmas if David gets a new job!

  6. part of me likes the photo, part of me hates it... what really bothers me is the title and tag line. "Are you Mom enough?" REALLY? so ridiculous!


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