Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Church with G

This past Sunday was the first time G had been to church since the day J was born. We aren't going as a family because J really needs to avoid all the germs that are swimming around a ginormous building full of coughing/sneezing people. G needs to avoid it too, plus church is easier for who ever is going if they don't take kids.

Long story short, my sister was in town, so we took G, because I figured the extra set of hands would help.

Truth be told I didn't even need them! G was on near angelic behavior!
She played with her books quietly, looked at the people around us, the goings on in the front (we sat in the third row, trying to keep her interested), the choir/piano to the left of us, and also folded her hands to pray. She says the cutest Ah-men in the world and does a pretty good version of the sign of the cross.

I had a super proud mom moment at Communion time... I asked her if she wanted me to carry her or if she wanted to walk. She said walk, so I showed her how to cross her arms for a blessing... And she walked up in front of me like a BIG girl. I melted.

She also tried to kneel a bit ! :)

The few awkward moments were when she clapped and said yay!! after a song, but that's cute so I hope no one minded.

Then there's her latest word... Ba-rah! Or, bra.

I was holding her while kneeling, she was giving me a hug and tried to pull my shirt off my shoulder to inspect my bra strap. I stopped her but she still said, "ba-rah!! Eeet's white!"

I felt super red, but what can you do... She's two! My sister said she couldn't really tell what G said until she saw my embarrassed face... Hopefully no one else heard/saw, except maybe other moms who have been there and done that, and found it hilarious.

I'm assuming that because she's older and understands more, she behaved better. She even tried to whisper instead of talking...sometimes.

I wonder, though, if she'll develop bad habits or resentment to quiet in church, as we are able to return to church as a family as flu season comes to an end soon (hopefully)....hope not! She had been doing fairly well with her behavior before J was born...who knows what bringing him along will do to her behavior too.

Regardless, it was a great mass and I'm super proud of her behavior this past Sunday.

Now if only I could stop dwelling on how our priest kept calling Jesus manure!! Oh jeez I about LOLed for real. (Context, the gospel was about giving a tree another chance to bear fruit, and he was saying that we are the tree and Jesus helps us get a second chance...he literally said, "and Jesus is the manure")

Here's a cute pic from G's two year old shoot

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