Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Politics on gay marriage and abortion

I've got a lot of ridiculous on Facebook right now, with both gay marriage and abortion. I want to clear the air about my own beliefs, but in a less in-your-face way. My blog is less popular than the 'book, so here's where I share my thoughts with people who want to read it, not forced to on their news feed.

Gay marriage should be legal. Sure, that's my opinion. Here's why, believe what you want, but this country was founded on separation of church and state, founded on equality for all. It's extremely unfair to keep legal rights from people based in something as trivial as who they love (or the color of their skin, glad we figured that one out). Yes, I am Catholic, but Jesus trumps a religion, and He said let those without sin, cast the first stone. I've sinned, you've sinned, lets move past calling gay people sinners. You can believe gay marriage is wrong but still support the legality of it. Gay people aren't asking churches to perform their marriages, they're asking judges or the like to do so...so that they can have the rights that my husband and I enjoy.
They've earned that by being born in a free country.
Would you imagine divorce being criminalized? I don't believe in divorce, but I'm not seeking to make it illegal simply because God said a man and wife are joined for life. (And don't get all preachy on me about how the bible condones divorce...I believe it says you can leave your spouse for certain reasons, but you are still bound to them & shouldn't get remarried, but hey, again with the casting stones thing...)
Long story short, I'm for equal rights. What happens after that isn't my business.

Now here's an ironic twist for many of you. I'm anti abortion. How's that not part of equal rights, you may wonder... It is. Equal rights for the baby, the mom already has her rights spoken for, but the baby needs us to fight for him/her.
I know the fundamental part of the pro/anti abortion issue is the argument for when life begins, and so I'll never be able to convince many that life begins at conception, but it does. For a variety of reasons.
There are many "memes" on the web nowadays that I've seen... One showed a picture of three different animal eggs, protected by federal law, then a human fetus and says, "nope" on that photo. How ridiculous is it that our government makes it illegal to mess with those eggs but not a human fetus? Very.
There was also a pro-"choice" meme I saw that said "just because I'm pro-choice doesn't mean I'm pro-abortion, it just means I know it's none of my d*$@ business"
Well, that's not true at all, silly. If you are pro choice, you are by definition, Pro abortion. You can't be anti abortion and yet be for the legality of that. Abortion is ending a life. Even if you think that baby isn't "alive" yet, you're allowing a woman to choose to end that baby's ability to have a beating heart & have a chance to breathe air once he or she has been officially born. That's taking away that baby's "equal rights" to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Sure it's the woman's body, and you think she should get to choose what happens to it. She did by having sex. Ok ok, I know there are instances of rape, and that's not her fault, but lets leave that aside for right now and focus on the issue of so-called elective abortions. That baby a woman just aborted could have been the person who would have cured cancer but her mom chose to end her life before it truly began. Good one. So what if the mom gets fat or poor... people make those choices all the time and we don't throw them in jail. Give some one some pills that will kill them, we certainly call those people murderers and put them in jail. But not a woman taking the pills to end the baby's life??

The argument about gay marriage isn't about if you are for or against people being gay, it's about equal rights.
The argument about abortion isn't about if you are for or against people having a right to chose, it's about murder.
In my mind, I don't know how someone could support one or the other issue, but not both.


  1. let me add that 'to abort' means to terminate. ..to terminate means to end. to end correlates to something that began. Thus, a life began, now it ended. an ended life is death. to do it intentionally is to kill. Need I go on??


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