Monday, April 01, 2013

Chariot and this momma are back

Thanks to my amazing friend, I finally have a cougar 2--a chariot double stroller. She found it at a consignment sale and even though its an 04 model... I've been looking on Craigslist and eBay for the right one and never found the right fit...she really came through!
It's like buying a used car...makes more sense to buy used when we don't have the money to pay 900 for a jogging stroller plus bike cart. They hold their value, and while a new model would have been lovely to have, a used chariot is still better than the fanciest BOB. The suspension on these things is amazing and it rolls so nice while jogging. It is the Aston Martin of strollers. Just go to chariotcarriers.com to see what I am talking about.
J has an infant sling attachment that turns the chariot into a cozy bouncy seat and G loves having him in there with her.
I had a great first jog with it, probably ran about 10-15 min out of 30. Felt really awesome to get back into it. I know in no time I'll be up to 5k's.
Man I missed running


  1. Awesome! Getting a double running stroller is definitely on my baby shopping list. :-)


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