Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Master Bedroom Paint Project

"Paint is cheap."

I think that is a required statement that real estate agents say while showing you homes.... I know they want you to look at the "bones" of the house, rather than let horrible paint deter you from what could be your dream the house you end up buying, but I wish they would clarify. Paint isn't actually cheap, it's quite pricey, in my opinion...but relative to the cost of your house, I suppose it's "cheap."

So this past weekend, Sherwin Williams had a paint sale, 40% off to be exact. So my husband and I bucked up and bought the paint needed to paint our master bedroom. When we looked at the house, I didn't "hate" the color of the master, I just didn't love it. I hated the kitchen color, and you may recall it got painted the day the keys became ours. Over the past 6 months, various rooms have gotten paint make overs and it was finally time for our master retreat, if you will, to receive a paint job.

Choosing the paint colors wasn't nearly as difficult as choosing our exterior color (future blog, don't worry, it'll be a doozy). In fact, we looked through a lot of swatches and picked the two colors right away. I had originally wanted to go gray, but our bedding and curtains were already brown, so we went with brown to be economical. I am getting gray on the outside of the house though :-)

It took us three nights--one of them very very long, to complete the project. All that I need to do is find us a nice piece of tan/brown based artwork.

We chose Sherwin Williams Dry Dock (7502) and Chateau Brown (7510) --if you know us, that last one is ironic, no?

Peace out 80s/90s blues and hello modern HGTV style brown!

it doesn't look that bad in this picture, but in person it was pretty icky

just not my style

quality paint job, quality paint, happy momma

hotel style master bath area - our w/c is navy

love it! :-)

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  1. I love it too! Definitely a big improvement (and paint is not cheap! totally agree!)


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