Monday, April 08, 2013

First April Weekend

Highlights of the weekend;
G went to her first gymnastics class. She did pretty well for her first time. She's a bit timid, so hopefully this will help her gain confidence and become for adventurous or outgoing. She had an accident a few minutes before the end, because she had been holding it since the night before!! (More on the potty later. Suffice to say its going miserably) after the accident she was in a much better mood and wanted to keep going, even though class was over. They have free open gym in Wednesday so I might try to add that in addition to Saturday class.
I think she looked adorbs in her leo that I got for $5!!

Mister man (J) had a fairly good weekend. Slept great at night, not so great during the day. That's his thing I guess. He got to go out side, which is good, but he doesn't like the brightness, even with his cute hat. He played really well and was sweet as always.

We got out for one run with the chariot. I'm loving being active again. Praise God for that.

We ate food off the grill, yummo!

We got a teensy bit of alone time when the kids napped at the same time. And we picked colors for the house, since its getting painted next week or the week after. Will post pics.

J went grocery shopping with me. Without G. That's the first time that's happened and it was so peaceful and lovely. He slept the whole time in the Beco. Before having two kids, I thought taking a baby to the grocery store was stressful. Not anymore. He even had a poop-tific diaper and needed to nurse... Managed it all easily. Too bad I can't go back and re-do the first year with G. It'd be a breeze.

We didn't make it to church. Meltdowns were ensuing with the potty situation. I prayed God would solve the problems on time for mass, but that didn't happen... Looked at it as though He was telling us we needed to stay home. Judge not.

Can't believe it's already Monday. Hopefully we have a potty miracle this week. Nothing else is really on the docket.

Love to all


  1. G is so, so cute in that leotard! And that car seat pic of J is adorable! I almost looks like he has a mohawk.

  2. Thanks Mandi! I'm pretty blessed with the kids God gave me, but I'd love them all they same if they weren't so cute! And that pic is of him in the Chariot stroller, not his car seat... he'd look a lot more discontented if it were a car seat pic lol


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