Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Some fun things about G

I'm not doing monthly updates about #1 anymore, but I wanted to record a few things she's been up to lately.

First. She started saying please without being reminded last week. Yah!! Proud mom moment!! (but now she's kind of falling out of it again... hmmm)

She's had a few nights of dry bed (though that's been from us getting her up to pee, so it's not 100% her accomplishment, but still).

She's had a few days of 1 or less accidents...again, not 100% on her, because we've taken her...but still.

Her vocabulary is ginormous, and usually it just takes 1 time of hearing a word/associating it with an object, event, etc... and she's got it. She kind of talks in sentences, but it's usually broken up into one word, pause, wait for validation, one word, pause, validation, etc.... I think that's weird, but I suppose it's her way of making sure she's doing it right, or that we are listening? I've never seen another kid do it that way. For instance she'll say, "Cereal......Bowl........Orange........Spoon......Milk........Cheers!" instead of saying "My cereal bowl is orange, I use a spoon, here's my milk, Cheers!"

Yes, she loves Cheers-ing. It's adorable.

My husband said last night she has started calling him Dude. LOL

She also knows that he is my "man." That started when I asked her if she was my girl, and she said yes. Then she said, "J?" and I said, he's my boy. Then she said, Dadda? and I said, "he's my man!" sooo that's where she got that from ;-) She now has gender recognition, and in some of her books some girls have short hair cuts and she still calls them girls (or sometimes mommies), so that's pretty interesting. She knows J is a boy, and dad is a boy, I'm a girl, she's a girl, which of her friends are girls/boys, etc...

She's loving gymnastics and can pretty much do a somersault, but the form could use some help. She calls it her "fwip" (flip). I doubt we pay to continue past this month, for now, though, because it ain't cheap! I think we'll wait til the fall, or do dance, or something.

She can put her own clothes on, even shoes...but socks are pretty tough. She'll only do those by herself if she's in a hurry and I'm not moving at the pace she wants--LOL

She's still doing great with her letters, shapes, colors, numbers, etc... She's learned what several baby animals are called-- dog/puppy, cat/kitten, chicken/chick, bear/cub, etc... My dad taught her that a baby pigeon is a squab (sp?)...so that's fun. She knows a few opposites like hot/cold, wet/dry, etc... She knows under, on top, bottom, below, next to, near, beneath, over, etc...  My husband recently taught her some food categories, so that's our newest "game," if you will. Me, holding a strawberry, "G, is this a fruit or vegetable?" G, "fruit!" (only it comes out more like "fewt!") Me putting ham on her plate, "G, what is this?" G, "Meat!"
She's also working on bigger/smaller. The obvious ones she can get, but if they are too similar, it's hit or miss. Counting is going well too. "Un, two, tree, two" is about what she's got so far, although she can identify numbers 0-9.

Toddler time is so fun! But man potty training this one is tough. At least she sleeps well...but that's a double edge sword because she peed her bed before she even fell asleep last night, we are assuming, because it was soaked and freezing cold at midnight when my husband went to get her up to pee....but she didn't cry out, call for us, or anything. SO STRANGE!!

To close this little update, here are a few of my favorite words she says and their translations; (she's honestly trying to say the full word, but it comes out all adorable like)

mew-mew -- music, or somethings movie
blay-blay -- blanket 
chair -- share (also, chair, but she says share like chair)
Jesus -- Jesus ;-)
ah-mean -- amen
it's -- eats
papaw -- pah-pah! (sounds like a french accent lol)
puhpull -- purple
lohew -- love you :-)

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