Monday, March 25, 2013

Our weekend

Friday night started with a trip to urgent care for J. Ended up being just a diaper rash-ish..long story short. No big deal, though it looked bad. Very red and irritated little boy part. My husband also learned a valuable lesson about J, who is uncut... When intact, don't retract.
G had her first Easter egg hunt in frigid temps, but beat the snow! She enjoyed it but was pretty scared of the Easter bunny up close--liked him from afar. She hop hop hopped for him though :)
J didn't nap longer than 15 minutes all weekend, so that's cool (not)
We had a family Target outing, it was nice.
I sold some stuff on a swap shop site & made a little cash that's going right back as I'm buy some swap shop gently used clothes for the summer for G & J, both of whom have small wardrobes. Can't beat $150 worth of stuff for $50.
Then we got 8 inches of snow.
My husbands cousin and wife came over for a super fun soup day :)
J continued to nap poorly.
I sliced my finger really good (sarcasm) while chopping onion. It'd been a while since I'd done that, figured it was about time. Ugh.
Took G to the baby store while my husband turned her crib into a toddler bed. We bought an extra camera for our video monitor, and G picked out a new potty for upstairs. She chose a cheap frog one and hop hop hopped for it. Fine by me.
Intense potty training starts Friday AM.
She did great sleeping in her big kid bed :) she was just scared of the dark since her old monitor had a night light on it but her camera one doesn't. We solved it by using J's night light in her room. Maybe I'll let her pick out her own today.
That's about it :)

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  1. Super cute photos! So glad to hear she adjusted to a toddler bed well. It's so much fun once they hit that point. :-) Good luck with potty training. It takes time and patience, but it is oh so worth it!


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