Monday, October 08, 2012

29 Weeks

Well. Here we are. Fully into the third trimester. Wow!

I feel like there's a basketball under there!
Time, at points, has stood still; yet at others it has flown by. I suppose that's how life will be from here on out...as a mom...somethings go too quickly (hugs and kisses, snuggles, smiles), and others seem like they'll never end (like a huge meltdown while brushing teeth).

Baby boy seems to move way more than G did, but maybe I'm not remembering accurately. I'm also feeling very heavy at times, and super pregnant, even though I don't think I felt that way with G until like 33 weeks. Maybe it's from caring for a toddler while being pregnant; and not just caring for, but seriously playing with! G is so interactive, and I love it, but it certainly takes a toll on me.

I'm not craving anything in particular, except the usual sweets like chocolate and ice cream. I've been eating a lot of Sargento String Cheese--it's seriously the best, anything else is kind of gross.

The move is moving along, we'll be in Kansas next Thursday. So don't expect a lot out of me for a while...haha...I'm assuming you've figured that out by now, my posting is seriously dwindling.

To my baby boy,

I hope you are doing well, baby boy, and growing strong. It's really important that you stay healthy, and go easy on me for these last few weeks! Everyone is really excited to meet you, especially me and your dad. We love you very much and know that you'll be a good little brother to that firecracker big sister of yours!


  1. I love seeing baby bumps, and you have a beautiful one! Enjoy!

  2. I always wonder how the second pregnancy will be different or if I'll even be able to accurately compare the two. You look lovely!


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