Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moving Journal part 2 {Thursday Chaos}

Thursday, 10/18

G didn't sleep well overnight, either, waking several times, crying from 3-3:30 am, and getting us all up 30 minutes earlier than necessary at 6:50 am. We ate breakfast at the hotel (not free, unfortunately), and packed up again. We had planned the easiest way to get the car, car seat, 6 bags plus a diaper bag and backpack, toddler, and pregnant woman (plus husband) to the airport. We decided that my husband would take the car with two bags and backpack (and car seat) to the economy parking lot (so that it'd be there upon his return). I took G and diaper bag with me on the hotel shuttle bus, since the driver would help me load the other 4 bags. This was great to begin with. My husband didn't have any trouble getting his light load to the airport, and G and I did fine on the way there. The driver unloaded our bags, but the trouble began with trying to get us across the 6 lane road separating us from the drop off point and the door. Eventually, my husband ended up running away from his bags sitting outside the airport door (I know this is a TSA violation to leave bags unattended, but they were always in our sight, so don't tell on us). He met us at the cross walk, grabbed G and two bags, while I ran/rolled the other two toward the doors.
Getting from the doors to the counter was the biggest circus. No one offered to help, so that's nice. We eventually made our way (remember, 6 bags, a car seat, a diaper bag, a back pack, & a toddler) to the counter, where there was PRAISE GOD no line. 

Sadly, the clerk asked for G's birth certificate to prove she is under 2. I have remembered it every time, except this time, of course, when she looks closest to 2. Thankfully, they accepted her shot records as proof. With our checked bags whisked away, we were down to the carry on things and car seat to be gate checked. We arrived at our gate with extra time (not our normal style). We were able to compose ourselves, but G was now in a royal mood. Thanks to her lack of real nap the day before and lack of good night's sleep, she was exhausted at 10 am. And she doesn't sleep on planes.
We boarded the plane and found a row of three open seats (we flew Southwest). We plopped G between us, in hopes that no one would take that seat (re: hoped people would assume it WAS her seat). We had found out from the gate check people that the flight was sold out, so we were praying HARD that someone wouldn't show up...slowly people boarded, walking past us without even pausing (I mean, who wants to sit by a toddler anyways...not even her mom. Lol). As the plane filled up, a flight attendant asked if we had paid for her seat. I somewhat shamefully shook my head in silence. She nodded in observance. Two final passengers boarded the plane and found seats elsewhere. Our prayers were answered!! A flight that could have been hellacious, suddenly became a bit better. G was crabby nearly the whole time, and had many meltdowns, but A) she did not puke on us (as she had done previously) and B) she didn't have to sit on my husband's lap the whole time (because she certainly wasn't sitting on my 30.5 week pregnant belly).  Therefore, it was not the worst flight ever. Perspective makes a big difference.
Again with our genius planning, we figured out a way to get our rental car without having to lug everything, plus G, on the shuttle bus and to the rental car place. My husband took G and her car seat straight to the rental car place. I stayed with the carry-on bags and waited for the checked bags at baggage claim.
Once they got the car, they returned to the airport to collect me and our belongings. My husband parked right outside the baggage claim (thankfully the KC airport is small and easily accessible), he ran in while I ran out. He loaded the bags and I got in the car with G. (I seriously feel like this day was straight from a sitcom). She fell right asleep, despite all the commotion. We let the nap happen, even though we had planned for her to skip nap time and just go to bed early in order to adjust to central time. She slept for about an hour. We picked up her pack & play from family, and headed to our new house for our pre-closing walk thru. It went well and we departed for the hotel from there. 

Here's where the situation and day turn from sitcom to literal hell.

G was already winey from being over tired and stressed out from the big week (I can't blame her at all).  We just wanted to get settled and wash the road off of us. We found our hotel and went to check in.
There were two people in front of us. I overheard the hotel employee tell the lady directly in front of us that she was upgraded to a one bedroom suite. She seriously could have cared less, she just wanted a room on the first floor for her dog. They didn't have one though, so pity party for her.... Then it was our turn, and the jerk of an employee politely said, "we have you in a studio suite..." to which I said "no, we have a one bedroom suite." He said, "I see that you have that reservation, but unfortunately, that room type is sold out." What.the.heck.
Didn't the lady in front of us just get upgraded to a one bedroom suite????
Tell me how that makes sense. It simply does not. I argued/discussed with him for about 10 minutes, to no avail. He didn't even help us book another room at another hotel, since this downgrade was unacceptable to us. Maybe if it had been one night, we would have just accepted it, and if our moods had been better, we could have rolled with it...but I needed a good night's sleep, and I just don't sleep with G in the same room.
I could go on, but suffice it to say, this was the final straw. The desk clerk tried to explain it away with stupid things like "it's the computer" or "maybe if you had been in line in front of her" etc... (tell me how that's right??)
We climbed back in our rental car, and G and I both let the tears go, as we drove to find another hotel. My normally composed husband was stressed beyond all get-out, too, and to make matters worse, my phone had died (which was our source of GPS). We got lost, it took forever to find a new hotel, and I wanted to crawl into a hole and rot. With the help of my husband's cousin, whom we called from my husband's phone, we found our new hotel and they thankfully had a room that worked for us for our 3 night stay.
My husband carried our things to our new room, and then we headed to Olive Garden for dinner, because we were starving. Thankfully, dinner was lovely, with no complications. My husband had Spicy Shrimp Vesuvius and I had Lobster and Shrimp Cannelloni. Both were delicious. G had a kid's meal with Alfredo shells and fruit. We went back to the hotel and collapsed into bed, but not before a scream fest that lasted 30 minutes.

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