Monday, March 26, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

The highlight of this week (Monday) comes from a great episode of Giada at Home that I saw last week. Man, I missed Food Network! We don't have too many more channels than we did in Kansas (locals only there), but Food Network is included in the Digital Economy package we have & I am so excited! If only HGTV was too...

Regarding my grocery shopping pact from last week, I did a bit better but still spent more than I had hoped to spend this week. I stuck to my list (except on-sale 99 cent mushrooms and $3 off Sun Dried Tomatoes) and still spent $150. I suppose I need to just start making spaghetti every night :-/
I think this is a perfect pre-marathon dinner. Tons of protein & carbs!
Monday: Chicken Almond Pasta, Peach & Strawberry Crumble & Sparkling Orange Tea
-the pasta could easily be made vegetarian by taking out the chicken &/or subbing Tofu and replacing the chicken broth it white wine ;-)
Tuesday: BBQ Pork & mashed potatoes
Wednesday: pizza night (this has become my 'free' night since we've moved & I'm loving it)
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: Fish & Fries via Lent
Saturday: Shredded Chicken Tacos (check out this Bobby Flay recipe!) & homemade refried beans
SundayShrimp & Black Bean Rice Pilaf  (meatless recipe, easy to turn vegan, I'll add the shrimp)

Thanks for checking out our dinners for the week...see more at OrgJunkie.com

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