Friday, March 02, 2012

Seven Quick Takes 15

--- 1 ---
We move into our new home tomorrow. Our flight is at 7 am local time and we get to SFO at 9 Pacific time (I've never lived outside of central time, so this will be weird!). I'm very excited but also nervous / sad to leave the Midwestern life I've always known. This week has been really chaotic, but I've really surprised myself (and husband) by being patient & calm about the whole thing.

--- 2 ---
Example one of how this week is crazy:
The moving company sent ONE guy to pack and move our apartment. I guess when they heard 2 bedroom apartment, they didn't think it'd have that much stuff. HA. The guy is great and a really hard worker, but even he admitted we "filled it well" and that it was way underestimated. He had hoped to be done by 4 pm, and then 6 pm, but ended up needing until 10 PM to get everything packed and loaded. We didn't stay that late, because we had a 3.5 hour drive to get to my in-laws (our in-between location). That's a lot of trust to put in someone else...nearly everything we own is not in our possession. For a control freak like myself, it's totally a God thing that I'm not having a panic attack right now.

--- 3 ---
Example two of how this week has been crazy:
Baby G has been kind of sick for almost 2 weeks...just the lingering runny nose and occasional cough. She started running a fever on Wednesday and yesterday it spiked higher than 102. She also fell asleep on my lap & became really lethargic. She is not one to randomly fall asleep and just lay in my lap. Something was obviously wrong & she looked like it too. Because we are in the moving process, we had to stay on top of it--so that we can make our flight and meet the moving guy at our new place. We went to Urgent Care and they ran a flu test. It turned out negative for flu, and her ears were fine too. The doctor wrote her a script for an antibiotic. He thinks she just has an upper respiratory infection. I really wish we were back in OP so that we could have seen our old doctor, that I will really miss. Her being sick is stressing me out more than the move shenanigans. Please pray for her to get better soon!
--- 4 ---
Example three of how this week has been absolutely nuts:
My husband's hometown was hit by a tornado. He grew up there until he was 16 and we've gone back many times. Much of his family still lives there and the Catholic church holds a lot of memories for him...it is sadly destroyed. My husband hasn't really been emotional about it, but I think that's just because his brain is so fried from the stress of moving and transferring jobs. It is really sad--the small town is not completely devastated like other towns have been recently, but it will take quite a while to get things rebuilt. Prayers for those affected across the country.

--- 5 ---
Example four of how this week has been absolutely nuts:
TTOTM started. UGH. Last one was in May 2010. I am not a fan. End of story.

--- 6 ---
Example five of how this week has been crazy:
Our rental car is a Ford Crown Victoria. Ew. They considered it an upgrade, because we wanted more trunk space for carting around all of our suitcases...but I would have rather gotten a sweet sports car ;-)

--- 7 ---
Here are some pictures from the baby's birthday party last weekend. It was SO FUN! I was really proud of how great it turned out. Two babies attended along with their parents, my in-laws came, my sister stayed the weekend, and my husband's cousin/wife came down too. I sent my husband to the party store to get some balloons and he came home with the fancy Mylar Pooh balloon... I was so proud of him for springing for it :-)
I did a great job on her Pooh cake, not usually one to pat myself on the back, but it turned out so good!!

She was a little overwhelmed by all the people in our apartment, but loved opening her gifts and playing with her friends. Afterwards we went to a local pub for dinner (as a good-bye party) and that was a lot of fun too. I just can't get over how well everything went--it was a perfect day!

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  1. You are absolutely rocking this move! And with a birthday, a sick baby, and a tornado thrown in? I am SO impressed! I'm praying the rest of your move goes well and that your new home is wonderful - I know it will be!

  2. Oh my! Good luck with all the moving and craziness! I'll be sending some prayer up for you guys!

    4- Oh no! I'm so sorry. I can't believe tornado season has started already. My hometown is very close to Joplin and ever since that I have been the most skittish person ever with tornadoes (when before I was the stand on the porch and watch until the police drive by kind of person.) Tuesday my hometown go hit by either a small tornado/microburst but we lucked out compared to Harveyville, Branson, and Harrisburg!

  3. Very cute pics from the party. So fun! Hope your travels go well and then you can finally get back in a routine/relax again. :-) Sorry to hear about the tornadoes hitting your hubby's hometown. We were thanking God because the tornadoes were just 20 miles north of my family in KY. Not that I want others to get hit, but I was very thankful my family was safe!

  4. I'm so proud of you with how you handled everything!! Keep it up and I'll always be just a phone call away! Love you!

  5. I've been meaning to send you an email, but since that might take a while, I just wanted to say a few things: You are amazing! I would have been absolutely stressed about the move (I have about my past two moves!) and when I get stressed, I turn into a real grouch - no fun for anyone around me! Love the cake, it turned out so cute! I took a cake decorating class last year with the hopes that I would eventually be able to make my kids cakes. Regarding #5 - I am dreading that day. Those first few months I will not be a happy camper, but at the same time, I'm also looking forward to when it happens because right now it's almost worse not knowing when it's going to start. I'm so sorry to hear about that tornado!

    I can't believe she's one! She's such a big girl.

    Oh, and I literally laughed out loud when I read #2. That would definitely be our apartment as well (although much of our stuff is still in boxes from our last move because there was to place to unpack it all!). Many blessings for a safe move and settling in. Can't wait to hear about all your new adventures in your new home!


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