Friday, March 23, 2012

Seven Quick Takes 17

--- 1 --- busy
This post is a little later than normal, but at least it's still Friday :-) I feel busier than I actually am, because I'm so tired. G's sleep is kind of crazy again (see number 4), so my husband and I are feeling really sleep deprived and I can't nap during her nap time because I have to get house work / crafts done that I can't do while she is awake. The blog has started taking a back seat...I suppose that's normal for a momma who just moved into a new house/state and has an active 13 month old.

--- 2 --- 13 months
Oh, that's right baby G is official 13 months old. Wow. That sounds old, no? I've been a mom for 13 months!
I know she isn't a teenager or anything (whew), but 13 months is much more substantial than 12 months old. She's really past the baby stage, and I don't think I get away with calling her Baby G much longer. She's also walking for real now (not just taking steps), although I wouldn't say she is a "walker" because she will crawl about 70% and walk 30%. I assume that ratio will change quickly. I used to get so excited when she took 10 steps or more, but now she is walking from room to room--and even walking in circles!
--- 3 --- settling in
Things with the house are progressing along. Everything is completely unpacked and organized (okay, mostly organized). We only have two boxes left to recycle (it's a process getting rid of them all)! The garage is mostly straightened. I am getting my bearings with where places are located and kind of learning street layouts.
I recently finished making curtains for the kitchen sink window. I really didn't want to cover it up, because it's a nice feature, but our neighbor's house sits a bit higher than ours (and only a few yards away) and they could (if they chose to) peer into our house. I sewed two panel ivory window treatments and shortened them to end a few inches before the counter started. I'm pretty proud of myself...so proud of myself I'm taking on more sewing projects. I'll share my main one once it's finished. I want it to be a surprise--especially for my mom (who I doubt will even read this post).

--- 4 --- sleep crazy (revisited)

G's sleep situation is this:
Some nights she goes to sleep easily, others she talks or cries for up to 30 minutes. Some nights she is up once around 5 am, I change/feed her and she goes back to sleep until 7:30 or 8. Some nights she sleeps from 8 pm to 7 am. Then there are nights like Sunday night and last night...she is up 3+ times! Last night I'm positive it was her teeth because she was standing in her crib whaling with her hand pulling at her mouth. At least her naps have been fairly good, lasting about 2 hours. I'm going to give her ibuprofen before bed tonight to see if it helps. I hate starting that again, but she really needs her sleep and so do we.

--- 5 --- going "home"
We are planning a small trip back to our old town next month. I am so excited!! The hotel, rental car, and my husband's flight are paid for because it is a business trip, but we'll be paying for my flight. I can't wait to see some friends & family. If the weather cooperates, we plan to visit the KC Zoo (I love Polar Bears!) because it's something we never did, despite living there for 2 years.

--- 6 --- running
My goal of running a half marathon probably won't happen.
Every time I'm out running, I day dream about running a real race (complete with number bib and timing chip) and lifting my arms in 'I did it!' fashion as I cross the finish line. I think to myself, some day I will know what that really feels like.
I'm doing well with my jogging-stroller running, but I just don't see myself getting solid training runs in with an ancy toddler. 1 hour is her cap in the stroller which means 7 miles max for me. Then there's the fact that it costs over $100 to sign up for practically any race around here. I guess I'm just making excuses. Some one just kick me in the butt & pay my fees :-)

--- 7 --- life
Well it sounds as if the princess is waking up...better make this one short!
I'll do a quick life update:
My husband's job is going well. He hasn't had to work late yet, so I'm pleased with that. We've even gone on a few evening runs as a family. G is loving her PB & J and is nursing a lot less. I've got plans to post about her favorite things and her weaning process (100% self led). I'm doing okay...feeling swamped and overwhelmed with the never-ending to-do list in my head...but I'm mostly happy. I can't wait for my parents' visit in June. On our short term radar is a trip to the city Easter weekend when my Aunt is going to be there. I'm looking forward to seeing her, seeing some sights, and celebrating Easter mass at a beautiful church with my beautiful little family.

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