Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday 18

--- 1 ---
During this week's Target trip I was stocking up on some toiletries and browsing the clearance section. I had some coupons that I let G play with in a moment of weakness. She was getting ancy and I just caved. You probably know where this story is going... We got to the check out and I de-carted everything, then turned to hand the crumbled coupon mess to the check-out lady. My Charmin $1 off coupon was missing!! They had a $2 off sale on the super huge pack, and when coupled with that $1 off coupon, my glorious red package of Charmin (the ultra strong kind) was cheaper than any other kind! I was pretty stoked until I couldn't find the coupon ANYWHERE. I told her that I wanted to go retrace my steps to see if I could find the coupon and she looked at me like I was off my rocker. She basically said, 'well let me ring you up and then if you find the coupon, just take it to customer service and they'll give you the dollar.' She probably thought I wouldn't do it...but I surely did. I knew that I had it in the TP aisle, so I only had to retrace from the check out to the hand soap to the cheese to the peanut butter to the paper products; which in all actuality ended up being a third of the store. I was starting to go into panic mode when it wasn't in the first few aisles I checked, but low and behold I found my mangled Charmin coupon in front of the jam. Victory was mine as we headed for customer service and I got my dollar refund :-)

--- 2 ---
From a high to a low... Thursday brought the discovery that our bedroom floor will almost certainly have to be torn up due to a leak somewhere. Our landlord (thankfully we won't have to pay for any of this because we don't own the house) is having a leak detection company come Friday to find where the leak is because it isn't any place obvious (he had a plumber search the typical places). Everyone thinks it is in a pipe under our floor, and the bulging laminate wood floor pieces would indicate that's a correct assumption. I'll keep you posted on the situation, but it pretty much sucks since we just got settled in and now everything in that room will have to be put elsewhere and who knows where we will sleep.
--- 3 ---
Have you seen "Bent" on NBC? Modern Family has been on reruns the past two weeks (lame), so we've been watching Bent while we have our pizza date night. It's actually quite funny, in my opinion. It's about a woman who's ex-husband is in prison. She's renovating her house and there is obvious attraction between the contractor and herself, but she is seeing someone else. There's comedic banter between the construction crew, Amanda Peet's character, her daughter and sister, and the contractor's dad (played by Jeffrey Tambor, who steals the show IMO, he's hilarious). Basically the characters lives are 'bent not broken,' which is where the title of the show comes from. Read more about it here.

--- 4 ---
Want to know what's up with this cutie? Read this.
G's not sleeping well at night and seems to be drooling a lot / pulling at her mouth a lot / is pretty irritable at times. Maybe it's not her teeth, but until we go to the doctor on Monday, that's all I can blame. Some nights she sleeps through (very rarely lately), others she sleeps from 8 to 5 and then eventually gets back to sleep until 7:30ish, other nights (like last night) she is awake around 12 am, 3 am, and 5 am. The lack of quality night-sleep means she is even more irritable and tired during the day. Then, that means she is crabby and less likely to go to sleep easily at night. Ugh! I don't know which came first, the chicken or the egg. I'm trying to just roll with it, but would love to know why her sleep is so unpredictable.
--- 5 ---
We were supposed to go to the doctor on Thursday to establish G as a patient at a D.O. family practitioner I found in network. I loved our old family doc and figured that a D.O. one would be on board with our alternative vaccination plan / natural parenting (minus co-sleeping) ideas. I had to wait a MONTH for this appointment and then they called me the morning of to "make sure I meant to schedule with them instead of a pediatrician... because most parents want their kid to be seen by a pediatrician." That caught me so off guard (coupled with the craziness of the water under the floor mess) that I stammered around for like 10 minutes with the girl trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I ended up canceling the appointment because I felt like they didn't really want to see us, so what good would keeping the appointment be. I went back to the drawing board and found a great pediatric practice that is comfortable with alternative vaccine schedules and is associated with the "better" medical group in the area. I found out the other doctor was with the "not as good" medical group. This pediatric practice seems to operate a lot like our old one in KC and made us an appointment for Monday. I didn't feel bad about the other doctor until his office called me with that uncertainty craziness, but I feel really great about seeing our new doctor on Monday because her office staff was really helpful and understanding.
--- 6 ---
My aunt is coming into the city next weekend for her job as a conference planner. We will be spending Easter weekend with her! I am so excited to stay in a fancy hotel and attend Easter mass at a beautiful church in downtown San Francisco. We may even take G to the zoo for a bunny event they have going on. She loves animals, so I'm excited to give her the chance to "pet" an Easter bunny!

--- 7 ---
The secret has been revealed to my mom as to the craft that I am working on...because I needed her help...so I can tell you all. I'm currently making G's Easter dress. Yeah, I'm crazy. I've only ever sewn easy things (like crib rails or curtains or a straight hem), and used one pattern under my mom's supervision. I don't know why I decided I could make a DRESS let alone one with ribbon, tie ends, a v neck, ruffles... It's going okay so far, with only one freak out when the machine kept knotting up the thread in the beginning. I'm almost done with the bodice and after that it should be smooth sailing. Get excited for the big reveal when I finish it next week. 
sneak peak

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  1. The San Francisco Zoo is great. You can actually hear the tigers roaring in the Sunset District of San Francisco on quiet summer evenings.

  2. I would have searched for the coupon too! Sorry about the house problem - eek! Can't wait to see her dress!


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