Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prefold Diapers

Dear all cloth diaper mommas,

Do you prefold?? (I doubt I get any comments, but here's to hoping!) Why? What kind? What fold? What covers do you use?

When I decided to cloth diaper, I knew the main reason was to save money. I think it has saved us money, but probably not as much as I had hoped--although we do still have many months of saving remaining in the life of G. The best way to save money through cloth diapers is to use 'flats', which I was not going to do because of the amount of time required to fold them and (seemingly) the complexity of the different folds. Second cheapest option: pre-folds!
Sign-me-up. (I do have a variety of other kinds though, as you read about in my other diaper posts 1 & 2).

I researched the best kinds, the best covers, and I watched several YouTube videos on how to fold diapers. My favorite was this one:

What would we do without the internet??

So to prepare for our prefold journey, I bought thirsties hemp duo prefolds and an extra small cover, my mom gifted me a value box of econobum prefolds & 2 thirsties covers, and my sister got me a cute gender neutral printed thirsties cover. About a month after her birth, I bought G some extra cotton infant size prefolds and a gender SPECIFIC thirsties cover.

During the early stages of prefolding, we would just trifold the diaper and put the cover around her. Eventually, this stopped being very effective due to dirties. I had some snappi's, so I decided to break those out, and try the other methods of prefold diapering. So I re-watched the video above and started doing the winged fold and most often, the twist fold. Originally I thought the twist looked uncomfortable, but it really is best at holding in dirty messes and doesn't seem to be any more uncomfortable than any other prefold option. They are just bulkier in general, sorry G, I know it probably makes it a little harder to move around.
prefold & snappi

I have often questioned my decision to use prefolds because they are not very fun. I also don't think they are as 'easy' as I had hoped. I get all stressed out trying to change one when we are out and about...add that to the heat and you have a recipe for a mad momma and a mad baby. Oh, and don't even get me started on how tough it is to change her, in general, now that she would rather be playing than being changed. Pocket diapers are so.much.easier. Oh well, maybe it's like breast feeding...and it'll just get easier as time goes on. (HA, that has a bit of sarcasm behind it, seeing as how G is growing more and more distract-able while eating)


  1. I actually love prefolds. I use them over a thirsties cover usually but any cover will work. I don't even snappi them. A lot of people don't like them for some reason but I guess I'm in the minority!

  2. We are using plain infant sized cotton prefolds with a snappi under flip and econobum covers all from cottonbabies.com, and I love them. Very economical and simple. I think both covers work well, but the flips are cuter. I have never used a pocket, all-in-one, or fitted diaper, so maybe have not been spoiled by their ease of use. I can put them on pretty easily, even in public, although it does take longer than changing a disposable. If you are going for economocal, I highly recommend.


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