Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday's RT

Yesterday's rose: G let me snuggle her a little bit instead of squealing to get down and play :) I thought to myself, how lovely it would be if we could just snuggle here all day...and then she wanted down to squirm and practice her crawling skills. I bet she'll be crawling before 6 months.
Yesterday's thorn: she.fought.all.three.naps! Finally I let her fuss/cry it out until she fell asleep on her belly. That's starting to become a new trend.

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  1. So, I haven't written on this blog in ages obviously, but I thought I'd add your link to it, and while I was there, I wrote a post! (more a vent actually, but anyway...) I can't figure out how to add your button, but I'll work on it!


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