Thursday, July 07, 2011

We've got a sitter & other updates

July 5, 2011
Dear G,

Lately you've been very active & impressing your dad and me very much! We knew you were getting close to sitting up, and on 7/5 you did sit up on your very own!
You generally have to have both arms on your legs or the floor to balance yourself, but you still sit upright under your own strength...so that counts! You've also been really rolling over a lot. You did it several times in your crib yesterday, which destroyed your napping because you are not a tummy sleeper in the slightest.
G & Grandma
You're getting close to crawling--all that you need to do is put the motions together. You can do your push-ups and you can get your legs under your bottom, but haven't combined the two yet. I bet by the end of the month you'll be crawling, if not at least scooting around better. Currently, you can move a little bit by scooting and rolling but you stay in about a 3x3' area.
Not to jinx it or anything but you seem to have returned to sleeping through the night. I'm hopeful it sticks. Last night you slept 6:40 to 6:20. You also slept very well at your dad's parents' house while we were there for the 4th of July.
the in-laws & G & daddy

You seemed to really enjoy being there and were pretty much a perfect baby!
You played with Grandma & Grandpa and your uncle & aunt. You slept in Grandma's office in your pack & play. You took decent naps. Grandma gave you a bath in her sink. At church, you were awake the whole time and were so well behaved, I could hardly believe it!
You practiced sitting up & rolled over many times.
Grammy & G 7/3/11 (Grammy & Papaw's 25th anniversary)
We also briefly visited with my family at Great Uncle Scott's 4th of July party. You got some new onsies, a pooh piggy bank, a book, and Grammy had finished your shopping cart cover so we took that home too.
While on our 'vacation' you ate a lot more than typical, so I guess it was a growth spurt or related to achieving your new milestones. I think both because you are outgrowing clothes left and right!
It's also important to note that the roofing at our apartment is done, and we survived without needing to leave! You are a more flexible sleeper (as far as noise is concerned) because of it. You still like it to be dark though.

Since the last time I wrote, you've grown:
you weigh 14.3lbs
you are 26.25" long!!!
Such a big girl!

Momma & G on July 3rd
There are a lot of new babies being born around me and I can't believe you aren't that small anymore :( although I am happy you're doing what you're supposed to--growing up!
Smiles all around!

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