Friday, December 09, 2011


Today I am twenty-five years old.

I love birthdays, and especially my own!! It's childish, I guess, but I seriously love having a day to celebrate my life! I like to reflect on all that happened in the past year, and all the good things in my life. I am thankful for another wonderful year.
Unsure which birthday this was... maybe four? I'm on the left.

Here is a list of 25 random things related to ME

1. I was born on a Tuesday, my husband was born on a Tuesday, and baby G was born on a Tuesday. Fun, huh?!

2. I was one day "early," my mom's due date was 12/10, but she spontaneously went into labor on the ninth. She has a really quick labor. It started right around the time my dad left for work in the morning. I was born before noon. Lucky.

3. My name is a mixture of my mom's mom's first and middle names. She passed away from cancer when I was 3 months old. My mom thought she made it up, but turns out, there are many Kaylene's around the world (especially in Australia).

4. My husband didn't believe that was my name when we first met, so he made me show him my license to prove it! LOL

5. I went to get my driver's license ON my birthday when I turned 16. I skipped school in the morning and my dad and I drove over an hour to the testing location (I'm from a small town). I barely passed, despite being a good driver. There was ice and snow on the roads and I wasn't familiar with the streets in this town. I pretty much failed parallel parking, even though I practiced it a lot. I'm not a pro at parallel parking.
24: during my super oily face part of pregnancy

6. My favorite thing from the past year was giving birth to our beautiful baby girl.

7. I did not like being pregnant. I much prefer having G here, versus in my belly.

8. Her first birthday is less than 3 months away! I am so excited to celebrate it with her. I bet she will grow to like birthdays as much as I do. Don't worry, though, I won't be one of those moms who goes super overboard with the party. I will make a special dinner and treats for her each year though!

9. The first birthday that my husband I spent together as a couple was my 21st. He took me to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert. I seriously love Christmas music, so this was an awesome gift!! I bought us mixed drinks at the show. Paaaarrrrtay! LOL
Cheesecake factory for my 21st

10. I was really sick on my 21st birthday, not from alcohol, I had the flu. I even lost my voice. There was also a crazy ice storm that almost halted our trip to see TSO.

11. We got married a few weeks before my 22nd birthday, so there wasn't much of a to-do made about my birthday, as we were still winding down from the wedding. He made me dinner :-) I also got my first and only digital camera for my birthday.

23rd: Singing Don't Stop Believing!
12. For my 23rd birthday, my girlfriends and I went out to my favorite restaurant and then to the piano bar. My husband was the DD. It wasn't a huge party, but we did get on stage and sing Don't Stop Believing. It was so much fun!

13. For my 24th birthday, I was pregnant. My husband tried to make me a birthday cake, but while removing one of the round cake pans from the oven, he dropped it. Half of the cake crumbled onto the floor. It was pitiful, and he felt bad about it. The 1.5 layer cake we ended up with was delicious!

14. My favorite kind of birthday cake is ICE CREAM CAKE. I've requested a homemade one this year.

15. The biggest birthday party that I've ever had was my kindergarten birthday. My mom let me have a pizza party at Pizza Inn. She let me invite my whole class, thinking that they all wouldn't show up...but they did!! There were 20+ kids there! I wore a Dalmatian pattern outfit, I had 4 birthday cakes in the M&M colors (but with K's on them), and we played BINGO. It was seriously AWESOME.

16. Most of my other birthday parties growing up tended to be sleep-overs or just a few friends over to my house. I do remember that my parents came up with dorky party games, that actually turned out pretty well. I had a piniata one or two years, too, and that was pretty popular.

17. This year, my husband's work is having their Annual Meeting function on my birthday. That's kind of cool because we get to go out for free, but it's also kind of a bummer because my real birthday dinner won't be until Sunday.

18. My sister is in town to watch baby G while we attend those functions and spend my birthday with me...so that's really exciting :-)

19. I'm really not a big 'gift' person. I prefer an experience much more -- like dinner out, a night at a hotel, a homemade treat, or something big (like that concert).

20. Gifts are nice though, and I'd really like a new Mac. Thanks.

18: decorated car
21. I hope my mom & dad still send me money on my birthday. That's probably my favorite tradition :-)

22. On my 18th birthday some of my friends "decorated" my car and put balloons/confetti/etc inside it. It was a really thoughtful idea, and I appreciated it...but I was even more late for school than normal!

23. For that birthday we went ice skating (like I said, I prefer the experiences)...which also involved a road trip, because there's no rink in my home town.

24. For December 2013, my sister and I are planning a Las Vegas trip for our family. My sister will be turning 21. My mom will be turning 50. It will right after our 5 year anniversary. I'll be 27. G will be almost 3 (and old enough to stay multiple nights with her other grandparents). It's a big year and we plan on doing it big :-)

25. Thanks for reading my list and following my blog, it means a lot to me!!


  1. Happy first Birthday as a mommy! Hope you get to enjoy all your celebrations. :-)

  2. 3. I went to high school with a Kaylene! Definitely a real name!

    9. My husband and I were just talking about how amazing they are! You are so lucky to see them live!

  3. Thats cool Mandi! I have never met another one in real life. And TSO is definitely amazing. I want to see them again, but I think it would give G a seizure... so we'll have to wait until she is older.

    @Cori, thank you!! It was weird being a mom on my birthday because she was still more important than me, even on my special day ;-)


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