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TWO HANDS club. {with linky for other 10 month old posts}

ten months old
Wow, another month has flown by!! In two short months our baby girl will be a year old. Month 10 was one that saw a lot of growth in fine motor skills and physical development. G also celebrated another major holiday -- Thanksgiving -- but didn't really like turkey or mashed potatoes. I found that odd. 

Teething is back full force, and actually seems worse than before. Her sleep is all crazy again, but at least I know I've done all I can. There is nothing I can do besides give her medicine, nurse her, comfort her as best as possible... I know a lot of you will tell me to get her a teething necklace, but I am not okay with that, knowing how she already pulls at bibs and sticks everything into her mouth.

getting so tall!
Aside from all the teething shenanigans, this was a great month with lots of fun moments!

Current height: 28.5"
Current weight: 18 lbs
Teeth count: 3.5

Here are some highlights from Nov. 22 - Dec 21:

Meal Times.
G now uses a fork -- check out this post for some photos. As long as we put the food on it, she will put it into her mouth. She also likes to 'feed' us. If she is holding her fork and you put your mouth near her, she'll try to put it into your mouth. It's really adorable.
I'm getting a lot less cautious about what types of food we feed her. I am still trying to give her organic options, and stick to healthy foods, obviously, but she's at the age where her food experiences are broadening. So far the only thing she flat out refuses are mashed potatoes. I find this so odd!
She loves Greek yogurt, cheese, and homemade waffles or biscuits. She also loves oranges.
She had a bite of a non-iced Christmas cookie, and loved it. I know, I'm spoiling her. Ugh!
So far, G is not a big fan of meat. That's probably my fault because she's only been introduced to it 3 or 4 times. I just don't want to give her just any old meat, so more often than not, she doesn't get any.
G still nurses about 6 times a day, eats 3 solid meals a day, and sleeps a total of ~12.5 hours a day.

She loves her pink teddy bear--I guess it's becoming her 'lovey.' G is a super cute snuggler, and anytime she is presented with her pink teddy bear, she will bury her face into it, kick her legs and give it a big hug. Melts my heart every time.
G has developed quite a temper, and my husband is really worried that she will be the worst 'terrible two-year-old.' She already throws a fit if she doesn't get what she wants / you take it away from her.
G seems to enjoy going anywhere, as long as she's with me or daddy....but if she's in a bad mood...Heaven help us all, because she will surely let us all know about it.
G HATES diaper changes and I can't wait until she is potty trained.
Her favorite time of day is when daddy comes home. She gets SO excited.

Physical Development.

Baby G has become a yoga master. She does downward facing dog on a regular basis!
G will let go when she's holding onto something while standing, but only for a tiny amount of time. She 'stands' the longest when she's not paying attention to the fact that she isn't holding on.
She is a lightening fast crawler--and thus, into EVERYTHING possible!
I think she was doing this last month, but she is a great "buh-bye" waver and will also wave "hi" sometimes. She knows what buh-bye means, and it is too cute for words to see her get excited when we say we are going "buh-bye."
She enjoys opening and closing things, especially her empty puffs container and the 'door' flap on the learning table.
She can put things "in" and take them "out"

Winnie the Pooh.
She loves pushing her Winnie the Pooh rocking horse around on her knees. She also likes sitting on it while we help her rock.
When she wakes up, she likes to go say "hi" to the Winnie the Pooh & friends wall hanging by her crib.
She still loves turning pages and lifting flaps, and is even better at it than last month. We had our first casualty this month, though, a Winnie the Pooh flap book is not missing a flap. Bummer.
She likes Winnie the Pooh so much, I'm going to make her a Pooh cake for her birthday. Thankfully, my mother-in-law is letting me borrow her Pooh cake shaped pan.

Bath time has moved to the big bath tub, as she's out growing her little tub. She's still not sure if she likes that or not.
Her favorite TV show seems to be Super Why! (Seeing as how that's pretty much the only one I let her watch more than 1 minute of...I'm not surprised)
She does not like shoes...she doesn't even like socks! It's hard to keep anything on her feet...but it's too cold to let her go barefoot.
She's gotten used to going to the gym, and most days doesn't cry when I drop her off. She loves the jumperoo sooooooo much. It's her baby workout ;-)
Watching the big kids at the gym, or anywhere we see them, is one of her favorite things to do. They spark her interest more than adults.
She didn't like driving around to look at Christmas lights, but when we stopped at the "big production" house (with the radio transmitted songs that match the animated lights), she was in awe.
Even though she has enjoyed mirrors for quite some time, she has found a renewed love for them as I think she is realizes it's her face she sees!

sprawled out like a real big girl
I suppose next month will be just as full and probably even more fun; since it includes Christmas, New Years, and daddy's birthday!! Thanks for reading all about the cutest little girl I know :-)

*If you have a ten month old, and recently posted about his or her milestones, I'd love to see them! It's fun to read about G's future classmates. Link up below*

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  1. Keep trying the mashed potatoes our little girl didn't like them much either at an early age (even potatoes didn't go over well). She loves them now and she is 18 months. She also has not been much of a meat eater. I would have to pick all the meat out of all her foods because I couldn't even sneak it past her. But she is doing much better now. She likes chicken and I don't have to pick meat out anymore. She has even eaten chicken nuggets once in a while. It seems like as long as it comes off of our plates she will eat (or try) almost anything!

  2. So fun! I love reading about Gianna, especially since she is so close in age to my daughter. You do such a great job of encapsulating everything in concise form.
    Our daughter has two teeth so far and I would swear by the teething necklace. She has had no issues. I know you said you are worried about pulling it off, but Alethea does the same with bibs and after a few days she has ignored the necklace since. Plus it is so short she can't really do anything with it anyway. You may want to at least try to put it around G's ankle at night under her sleeper. That seems to help for us. Hope her teething gets better for you!
    The downward dog thing must be a phase for this age because Alethea loves to do that too. So cute!
    Sounds like you are doing a great job with Gianna, she is doing great! And looking so happy and cute! Oh yah and as far as the meat, Alethea doesn't each much of that either, but she get so much protein from other sources (cheese, yogurt, beans, etc) that I don't worry about it.

  3. I love reading this! My little guy is almost 7 months and it is great to see the comparison on what he will be doing soon. I also agree with Cori and Ben we love our amber teething necklace. Our little guy doesn't have any teeth yet, but he does chew on everything. He doesn't even know it is there, he has been wearing it since he was just a month old. We also put it around his ankle at night. Hopefully she feels better soon!!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments!! I love that you all get something from reading my posts about baby G!

    Cori, I'm going to comment on your post now :-)

    ps. She did a little better with meat over Christmas.

  5. I don't know if you would see my response on my post, so I figured I would comment here instead.

    In answer to your hubby's question with the only nursing 4 times a day, she only nursed 5 times a day before we started solids so it wasn't much of a switch for us. She does however nurse for 20 to 30 minutes at a time which I have been told is more than average for her age. (She has always been a marathon nurser...it used to be longer.)

    Her meals are not much different from what it looks like Gianna eats though. She eats 1/2 to 2/3 of a banana with a 1/2 cup of yogurt at bfast and then lunch and dinner are an assortment of chopped up fruit, cheese, etc with usually a veggie puree since she doesn't eat finger food veggies as well yet. I don't really keep specific track of how much, just let her eat what she wants (to an extent).

    I totally agree that Gianna and Alethea would have a blast together. Too bad we are several states away! And I definitely can't believe their first birthday is so close on the horizon. We are already starting to plan for February 25th!

    Sorry that was a marathon, but I wanted to make sure to answer your questions. :-)


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