Saturday, December 03, 2011

November Stats!

Another month has ended? Time is seriously flying!! I'm starting to finally see my hard work pay off! Lately my daily pageviews are hovering right around 500. Sweet :-)

Google analytic stats for Nov 1 - Dec 1:

  • 3,436 Pageviews
  • 1,690 Visits (2.03 pages/visit)
  • 801 Unique Vistors
  • 4:29 Average Time on Site (yay!!)
  • 43.02% New Visits
  • 10 people got to my site from Bing. Yes, people actually use bing?!
  • 52 people got here from Google--that's pretty sweet! I love looking at the search results that get people here.
  • 7 people got to Letters from Momma from a yahoo search. Do you, yah-hoooooo?

Facebook was again the biggest referral, but blogger and twitter were both over 10% of the referral traffic. It's nice to see my traffic getting a bit diversified.

Alexa Ranking:

Unfortunately, Alexa is based on the past 3 months...and because my new URL is only a month old, the Alexa rankings for lettersfrommomma.com aren't so hot. I'll just keep chugging away, and hopefully February will show how great you all (re: my readers) are!

US: 204,022
World: 2,353,646
Sites Linking in: 19 (I know there are more than this!)

Month in Review:
It was a great month around Letters from Momma. I added some new tabs, posted about a lot of different topics, and did a lot of design work (mostly little things). I also hosted my most successful giveaway to date -- for a Thirsties brand cloth diaper package. I'm currently wrapping up an Eco Sprout cloth diaper detergent giveaway--which is a product that I have seriously come to love. You should enter to win!
This month I received a lot more comments than I'm used to on non-giveaway blogs. This makes me so happy! While I do write as an outlet for myself, I write to share my experiences with others, so comments are wonderful! Keep them coming :-) I can't take all of the credit, though, most of the comments are to tell me how adorable baby G is.
I heard that Google Friend Connect is going away from non-blogger blogs...but since I am a blogger blog, I will keep it up. Feel free to follow Letters from Momma in other manners, though. You can find ways to do so in my NEW header with clickable follow buttons. Yes, I made it myself!! In fact, I make everything you see on my blog myself (unless it is another website's button that I am sharing). I'm starting to feel pretty competent with HTML, perhaps I can moonlight as a blog designer? LOL. I took a robotics class in high school that involved a tiny bit of programming. I was the yearbook editor (design & in-chief) in high school, and am a self-professed design-junkie. Yes, I love Apple and am writing to you on a Mac (although it is out-of date and from my days in the Journalism school).

I am working on some big, meaty blog posts for you coming in December. Baby G is not napping as often or as long as she did when she was younger, so things take a lot longer to finish. Being a SAHM to an infant makes it harder to be as frequent of a blogger as you SAHM with toddlers who are more independent or school age kids who are gone part of the time. As I mentioned, I also spent a good part of the month messing with my design elements. With those finished for now, I should have more time to write! Hooray. I plan to post another installment in Save Our Daughters, two more breastfeeding themed posts, some Advent posts, 3 birthday themed posts (me, my sister, my mom), a meaningful Christmas post, and several giveaway posts. I also plan to chronicle our "switch" to cloth wipes. I'm trying to get a cloth wipe review/giveaway even together, too.

Thanks for following Letters from Momma; I really appreciate all of your feedback and support. Being a new mom is tough, but obviously I'm not going through it alone! I really hope to reach other new moms who need the same support I am receiving.

*Know that we've all been there and you are a GREAT momma -- take some time for yourself today and don't forget to look at that beautiful babe God gave you. Things aren't as hard when you remember that his or her heart is half YOU!! :-) *


  1. Those are great statistics, Kaylene! Robotics class and yearbook editor - it sounds like you do have some programming and design skills!

    I look forward to all the posts you have planned, especially about switching to cloth wipes. There are a lot of cloth diapering mamas out there, but many of them don't use cloth wipes and since we are planning to, I would love to get your insights!

  2. I just recently discovered your blog. I'm a cloth diapering mama and I love reading about other mama's experiences. I've enjoyed what I've read on here so far! Keep 'em comin'! :)

  3. Great detail! I would love to post something like this on my blog.

    all natural katie
    allnaturalkatie at gmail dot com

  4. Boy,not only are you good at a lot of things at once,you also do this too!Love the baby picture!I can remember being younger and doing 3 or more things at once.But now 1 is enough to keep me busy and wear me out.Merry Christmas!


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