Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Handmade Christmas #WW #Linky

My husband has made me an ornament every Christmas since we've been together (the one Christmas before we got married, he made me a jewelry box).

The first one was a tree that is battery powered and lights up. 

The second was an angel carved from wood. 

The third was an ornament ball that plays 5+ different Christmas carols with synchronized lights--he programed the whole thing!

This year my ornament was bent and painted wire. Everyone kept asking "what else does it do?" because they are so used to fancy things...but I like the simplicity of this year's ornament. Every year can't be super fancy, but they are all made with love :-)
Yes, I had to point out that he did a cursive N rather than an M
I also took the time to sew my husband a pair of Christmas PJ boxers--which was the first time I had used a pattern. I'm really proud of them :-)

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  1. Aw I love that he makes the ornaments! I think this years ornament looks wonderful! Thanks for linking up at Momma T and Baby E!

  2. Great pictures! I'm a MIZZOU alum.


  3. Love your handmade Christmas. This year's ornament is great.
    Thanks for linking up at Tots and Me.

  4. What a wonderful Christmas tradition.

  5. How thoughtful of your husband, and what lovely ornaments to treasure!

  6. This is such a super cute idea :)

  7. I love homemade gifts! They are the best! I even wrote a blog post about the topic earlier this week cause my niece made me the coolest button! http://jplovescotton.com/2011/12/26/homemade-christmas-gift-personalize/

  8. Hope sweet it that I'm lucky if he remembers it's my birthday

  9. Love them all! very good ideas. I want to make more home made Christmas decorations and gifts next year as well.


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