Thursday, December 15, 2011

Switching to Cloth Wipes...not as easy as it doesn't look.

When I decided to use cloth diapers, I never even considered using cloth wipes. My list looked something like this:
Using cloth diapers? cute, eco-friendly, frugal.
Using cloth wipes? gross, not easy.

Simple decision, really. Cloth diapers could be sprayed off with the diaper sprayer, washed, and reused; while the disposable wipes got thrown away for half the hassle and half the earth-saving. We bought a little step-trash can--along with some vanilla scented trash bags--to put beside the changing table. We were gifted some boxes of disposable wipes, and I used to coupons to stock up on a few more.

We've been on our merry-disposable-wipe-way for the past 9 months. Sure, I hated having to run to Target every month to buy wipes when we ran out of our pre-baby supply. Our bank account dislikes shelling out about $12 for the jumbo box of Up&Up brand sensitive wipes with each Target run.
I also felt a bit uneasy when I realized that we were pretty much the only people I know using cloth diapers but not cloth wipes. How un-green of us.

I ran the idea of switching to cloth wipes by my husband a couple times, usually after we found out another friend uses them...but we agreed decided that disposable wipes were just easier, cleaner, and less hassle. Cloth wipes = not for us.

Thirsties had to go and offer me to opportunity to review their Fab Wipes, Booty Luster wipe spray, and Booty Love cloth diaper safe ointment. I jumped at the opportunity to work with them again, because I really love their company. I was most attracted to trying out the Booty Love, but it was a package deal.

Actually, though, I got a little excited to see what cloth wipes, in general, had to offer us. Number one, not having to buy disposable wipes every month. I guess they are good for the environment, too. ;-)

While I waited for the Thirsties Fab Wipes to arrive, I researched some other brands that offer cloth wipes. You'll get to read about those brands as the 'switch to cloth wipe' blog event continues. So far, I'm also going to be working with Bummas and Planet Wise (did you know they make cloth wipes?!). I'm hoping some other brands will also step up to the plate. Baby G has a really good digestive system, resulting in at least 4 dirty diapers a day....so I dare your cloth diaper brand to accept her challenge ;-)

Look out for my other thoughts on switching to cloth wipes, especially the "routine" I'm currently perfecting.


  1. We have been using cloth wipes with our second baby since day one. So easy! Just throw wipes in wet bag with the diapers :) Sure some of them are a little stained but I sun them with the diapers and they come clean. I use the diaper itself to wipe his bottom so there are no chunk on the wipes and then spray the diaper off in the toilet. You will be surprised how easy it is to use!

  2. I too used disposable wipes at first when cloth diapering because of the ick factor. However, I got tired of finding them in my washer, I switched over to cloth wipes even with a number of refill bags still left. I have been using them for a couple months or so now and have finally figured out what works for us. I like the wipe to be wet not dry, could be from using wipes for so long and baby girl has a sensitive bum to most wipe solutions so good old tap water it is. :-) Good luck.

  3. I was the same way with cloth wipes at first, but then I needed a few more bucks to make my purchase have free shipping and so I added some cloth wipes. The rest was history because I saw just how easy using cloth wipes was. And we are with you with the multiple poops per day. :-) We now pretty much use only cloth wipes and we actually bought some inexpensive baby wash cloths that work just a well too! Hope you are able to find success with them too!

  4. I won two sets of bummas wipes so when i switched to cloth diapers, i switched to cloth wipes the same day.

    i really love bummas because they're thick and durable with on softer side and then a rougher side. I will say though since our 4 yr old is potty trained now, we have the flushable wipes for her and because our 2 yr old can have multiple dirty diapers a day, i use the flushable wipes when she poos.

    i tried go green cloth wipes and i didn't like them BUT that was like 8 months ago so they might've changed how they make them. I'm sure go green would work with you if you write them, leah's great!

  5. We were using disposable wipes too, and finally this month I found a WAHM who makes awesome cloth wipes. I love them, and it's so much easier to put everything in the diaper pail instead of extracting the disposable wipes from the diaper mess to throw them away.

  6. I'm the same way with cloth wipes. I have them, but usually grab a disposable first, especially if my daughter had a BM [we don't have a sprayer and the thought of swirling a wipe in the toilet does not appeal to me]. I've been trying to be more conscious about using cloth wipes.


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