Friday, December 16, 2011

Seven Quick Takes (vol. 3)

--- 1 ---
We made it to Wednesday mass BEFORE the entrance song started. Advent Goal victory.

--- 2 ---
On Wednesday night we had dinner with friends. They made us Moroccan food. Have you ever had that cuisine before? It was pretty good. I love any type of couscous. Their son is 2.5 months younger than G, and as the babies age, the play dates get a lot more interesting. For instance, G was crawling by their son, who was sitting up. She briefly paused next to him and he put his hand on her booty!! It was obviously just curiosity and convenience...but I couldn't help but laugh and think how she will never date! ;-)

--- 3 ---
Did you see the picture of my homemade ice cream birthday cake? My husband made it and it was amazing. It's now gone...bummer!

--- 4 ---
My sister and I went rock climbing at the gym on Sunday. She had never been before, and made it up one wall! I was really proud of her. I also "made" her run a mile both of the times we went to the gym while she was here. I like to think of myself as a good motivator! Oh, and I made it up THREE rock walls (the first time I have done that)--wooo!

--- 5 ---
We have plans to drive around from 5 - 6 this Saturday and look at Christmas lights. We are also going to make our annual Christmas cookies. I hope the baby is prepared for all the excitement! This is my favorite weekend of the season...such fun for just our little family. (I am really looking forward to going to my parents, but it is nice to have our own traditions.)

--- 6 ---
Speaking of Christmas, traditions, and babies.... here's one of baby G's Christmas photos.

Adorable, eh? Don't worry, I saved the best ones for gifts (so you won't be seeing them on here).

--- 7 ---
My husband's work had their holiday party last weekend, as I mentioned in last's week 7 takes. Here's a rare photo of me and my wonderful hubby.

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  1. Love that picture of you little girl! So adorable!

  2. 5- I bet G loves driving around looking at the Christmas lights! We're doing Christmas cookies this weekend too. Hope you have lots of fun!

    6- What a cutie!! Love that picture!


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