Saturday, December 31, 2011

Forgotten cloth diapers

No, no...I haven't stopped using cloth diapers, I literally forgot about some when we left for Christmas with our families.

When we travel, I always leave the diaper pail empty. I do laundry right before we leave and take the few dirty diapers with us. Who wants to come home to a smelly bathroom and days old diapers? Not this clean freak, that's for sure.

Well this past Tuesday, that's just what we did. We left town the Thursday before Christmas, and it took me about an hour to remember we forgot the dirty diapers in the pail. It was almost worth turning around to get them, but my husband isn't the type to go back. He has even left his cell phone at home for a weekend, despite only being 2 minutes away when we realized it.

I immediately posted on facebook and twitter, begging for advice on what to do. I got the best advice from my local cloth diaper community. Several moms told me to do an extra pre-wash, a couple suggested bleach or borox; but many said to just follow my normal wash routine.

Over the course of the next several days, I plotted just what we would do. My husband decided he would take one for the team and open the pail outside. We decided to do an extra hot wash with our Eco Sprout, and then wash like normal.

I was really worried my diapers would be ruined, and my mother-in-law was even concerned they might mold. I knew I had sprayed off poopy diapers really well, because I planned on them being in the back of the car and didn't want them stinking up the whole vehicle. I hoped that would reduce the chance of staining.

Luckily, the worst thing was the smell (ammonia); and my kind husband was the only one who had to deal with that. Our bathroom and actual pail weren't smelly at all, the pail liner contained it all. I was so glad.

We came away from this tragedy unscathed, as our plan worked. My husband did a hot wash for the 6 day old diapers, with the regular amount of Eco Sprout. Then we added the other dirty diapers and followed our regular routine.

So, if you ever find some forgotten diapers...I highly suggest adding an extra wash, but then following your normal routine. :-)


  1. I also do laundry right before we leave to stay someplace overnight, and I've forgotten them too... or, I should say, my husband has dropped a poopy diaper in the pail after I told him the rest were in the wash. ;) I've found the same thing- an extra soak and hot wash and my diaper was as good as usual.

  2. Oh no - how scary! I'm glad your plan worked and everything ended up okay!

  3. Cloth diapers are such an investment as sometimes they can be about $20 each, sometimes $10 thank goodness. I'm so glad they didn't mold. I've never cd before but my husband who has adult teen daughters said he cd for about 6 months when his first was born. This was the traditional cloth diaper pin days, so older style cloth diapering. Needless to say he said he didn't want to do it again. We have 2 daughters together that we've raised through the diapering days, 4 yrs old and 2 yrs old right now. We've used disposables with them but I want to train my 2 yr old and reusable cloth diapers/ trainers seems to be a no mess, furniture protectant way to train her. And I have been intrigued by how comfortable they all look. Your post was helpful in knowing that cloth diapers can be saved just possibly if theyve been sitting longer than they should. Thanks for that info I might need.

  4. great tips...thanks!! can't wait to read more of your blog...

  5. it says my comment was published, but I got an error screen and now don't see it...so just wanted to stay again, thanks for the advice and can't wait to read more of your blog :)


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