Thursday, February 02, 2012

First LFM Guest Post: You'll have to Touch Poop!

I asked for guest posts last Friday, and had several mommas respond! I'm excited to share the first one with you today. It comes from Kira of Musings of a New MommaI just love when other people call themselves Momma :-)

She is a fellow cloth diaper parent & today she shares how people responded to her choice to use cloth diapers on her baby--she then debunks a common reason not to cloth diaper!
I actually received similar remarks, and have still persevered through the negativity. Check out her great post below, especially if you haven't fully decided to switch to cloth diapers. Thanks Kira!!

"Don't do it!" 
"It's gross!" 
"You'll never pull it off." 
"We'll see." 
"Anyone want to take bets on how long it lasts?"

No, these comments were not made in regards to getting married, but to one of the other biggest events of my life. Cloth diapering *Insert horrific gasp here*.
For the people who had kids in the 80's (my mom), 90's (my aunts), or later (everyone else) there is a stigma that goes with cloth diapering. I remember attending a baby shower in the late 90's for a girl who was having a baby at 16, and she got cloth diapers for some gifts. I asked my mom what they were and why she was using them. My mom's answer was "She's so young that she can't afford disposable diapers. So she has to use cloth." Her message? Don't have a teen pregnancy or you'll have to use cloth diapers! She thought they were gross, dirty, smelly, and that my house would always smell like diapers.
Ever heard these types of things? "Your house will smell." "You have to *gasp* touch poop!" "What about daycare?"

I heard all of these stories, and got all kinds of opinions when I first said I wanted to cloth diaper. I had aunts who were convinced they would vomit upon entering my house because of the odor. My mom knew I'd be grossed out in no time and quit.

cloth is cute & so are leg warmers!
Another aunt said, "Go for it!" I did it and it's awesome! Unfortunately, this aunt lives roughly 1,000 miles away and isn't on hand for daily cheerleading. I have one other friend that cloth diapers, and that's it. I was pretty much alone in the cloth diapering world.

Once I decided that cloth diapering may be for me I had to start doing my research. Woah. Overload. I'm STILL overwhelmed by all of the options! So, I called my friend (well, his wife really) and went over to their house for a little cloth diaper 101. It was amazing. And easy. And awesome. And contrary to what my aunt thinks, I did NOT vomit when I walked in their house. I got an amazing amount of information, ideas, brands, and help. Then, I had a decision to make.

Obviously, I decided to go with cloth. We used disposables and cloth for the first week or so, and then switched over to 100% cloth at roughly week two. We've never looked back. I say we because the hubby is included in this entire process. If you are debating between disposables and cloth make sure that both parents are on board. If one of you isn't fully on the cloth diaper train it'll never work. Why? Because it can be kind of gross and smelly. It is poop after all.

The key to cloth success is in the mindset. I was convinced that the diapers were cuter, so I decided I was going to do it no matter what. The hubby is all about saving money, so he was immediately on board as well. Don't listen to the naysayers. It isn't anything like it used to be. Take some time. Look around. And get used to the idea. Yes, you have to shake poop into a toilet. But, let me tell you, once that baby starts to roll over and try to crawl off the changing table--the poop will be on the diaper, the table, her leg, her hands (from where she grabbed it because it's funny), and of course on you. Since it is already on you what's one more shake? Plus, I will say that the actual shake has never gotten poop on me. Ever. I don't use a sprayer either. I just hold it over the toilet, and shake. It's exciting.

I don't want to get into all of the terminology and types in this post, because it is really it's own post. There are a lot of blogs out there, as well as momma boards and websites galore. Please consider checking out the cloth options. They are adorable, affordable, and save the earth!

My 6 month old

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