Friday, February 03, 2012

Seven 100% positive things about my life right now (7QTF)

This week's 7QT are going to be all 100% positive. I wrote a pity party blog about G's sleep this week but I don't want my readers to think I am a debby downer--because IRL I am actually quite a positive/optimistic person.
--- 1 ---

Baby G's birthday invitations have been mailed, most of the supplies have been bought, and I've got the party favors planned (personalized & useful things...none of the cheapo-lameo stuff!). I just need to find a cake recipe I like. The frosting will be buttercream colored to decorate the Winnie the Pooh mold I am using; so just focus on picking a cake recipe.

Yummy Chocolate Cake 
Melt in your mouth method Butter Cake
Simple White Cake
half chocolate half / half one of the other 2 (I'm not quite sure how I would get the mold to be half and half, but I'm thinking that'd be a fun option)

what are your thoughts?
--- 2 ---

Baby G has started saying MOMMA!!! Pretty much all of the time, she means me :-) and Dadda means my husband. I don't want to write them down as first words, though, because occasionally she will say them but not mean us. The first time I heard momma, I about melted. {I'm not talking about the maaaa-maaaa babble; I mean full fledged, momma!}
SO EXCITING. I can't wait to hear her say "I love you momma!" Even if that is years away.

--- 3 ---

We had a night of FULL sleep. Wednesday night into Thursday, G slept from 8 pm to 7:45 am. She didn't cry once, didn't have a midnight poopscapade, and didn't need a 5:30 am nursing session. I don't know why happened; she has no rhyme or reason to her sleep, but we were so thankful for it!! She also took a 2 hour nap on Thursday. I hope for a repeat today!

--- 4 ---

No one was sick this week. Can I get an Amen!! Thank the Lord, quite literally, prayers for health were answered this week.
--- 5 ---

The most adorable thing that baby G does, obviously aside from saying momma, is she knows that owls say "whooooooooo." She loves this animal book my mom gave her, which has owls on the last page. When I ask her what owls say, she looks for the book. She turns to the last page and says "whoooooooooo." Precious.
--- 6 ---

I got to go to the gym on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. G was perfectly behaved at the gym daycare on Tuesday & Thursday, so I got in a 4 mile run, a bit of weights & fitness pilates. We also went for a walk to the park & back with no crying whatsoever. I loved pushing her on the swing because she gets the open mouth grin and giggles when she goes "high." She really is a happy baby, overall.

--- 7 ---

I'm getting fluffy mail this weekend!!! I AM SO EXCITED for a mini-stash make-over. I redeemed my Kellyscloset.com diaper dollars for a $50 gift card. Sure, I also spent $90...but I got SO much stuff ($160+ value). I probably shouldn't have bought so much, but I have been pining after some new brands and styles. Where'd the money come from?? The small tax refund I told you about last week :-)

  • more Bummis bio-soft diaper liners for the trip to my moms 
  • more Thirsties booty love (magical stuff, seriously)
  • Knickernappies side snapping diaper with the loopy-do inserts
  • Ruby Moon detergent for when we run out of my beloved Eco Sprout (they don't carry it on KC, or else I would have bought it)
  • Swaddlebees Simplex in tweet print (so excited for this)
  • Kissaluv diaper potion concentrate (supposed to make 15 batches of wipe solution)
  • another Tots Bots (my favorite diaper)
  • a free diaper -- Itti Bitti Tutto!
  • bumGenius 4.0 stay dry diaper in Albert print with snaps. This will be my first BG. I've never been one to follow the crowd, but I can't very well operate a blog that is 75% cloth diaper related without trying one of the most popular brands around. I will let you all know what I think of it. 

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  1. I love this post! Love the positive vibe! So excited to being doing the giveaway with you to celebrate our kids special birthday!

    1. Me too :-) Thanks for checking out my 7QT!

  2. Yay to #2! How exciting! Actually, all of these are pretty exciting! So happy to hear happy things!

    1. It is very exciting!
      I'm happy to share more happiness!

  3. Yay for party planning! Can't believe the day is almost here! Have to admit I am a bit jealous of Gianna calling you Momma. We have been getting Dada for a while now, but no signs of Mommy yet. :-)

    Yay for the fluffy stash update! Sounds like you are getting some great stuff. I just bought two in the Albert print at KC! I am so excited to get them! Hope you like your BGs. They are basically all we own and we love them!

    1. It just happened randomly...but yours is walking, so don't be jealous!

      I am so excited for my mini stash makeover...I'm stalking the mail :-)

  4. Love hearing happy things! She's saying Momma, that's fantastic! :)


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