Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving day

When I woke up this morning, I did not realize it would be our last day here... Turns out the movers are coming tomorrow!
Here are a few notes to catch you up to speed:
-Shipping our cars & things, flying into SFO on Saturday
-Visiting family until then
-baby G is getting better & better at walking & "talking"
-She loves Elmo & her new cabbage patch doll. She has a touch of a cold & I hate hearing her cough at night.
-G is teething on 6 & 7, and not sleeping great...perfect timing ;)
-her birthday party was AWESOME & my pooh cake turned out great
-I'm pretty sad about living where she was born & all the other things Iove about our current home
-I do look forward to all the exciting bay area things we will explore
-I am not looking forward to the "settling in" process...wish we could skip to the "know your way around" feeling

I'm sorry my blogging is on a back burner now but there is a new giveaway up soon :)

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