Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sleep Crazy

I am so tired. G is so tired. My husband is so tired. I'm sure our neighbors are tired.

This crazy sleep pattern is driving us all mad. I think I should turn my blog into a sleep-nonsense-pity-party blog instead of a semi-crunchy momma blog.

I've tried all tactics known to parents.

I've tried keeping her up to the point of exhaustion...20 minute nap, wakes up still tired.
I've tried taking her on errands to wear her out, 25 minute nap, still wakes up dog tired.
I've also tried keeping her on a sleep training schedule...doesn't work.
I've tried letting her cry it out, an hour later...still nothing.
I've tried not letting her nap, to see if it would help her sleep overnight--it didn't.
I've tried putting her to bed early to help her get more sleep...didn't work.

And yes, I've tried those things more than once, while giving them "time" to work. She is 11 months old and we have been on this sleep journey since 11 weeks. From 11 weeks to about 5 months, she was "sleep trained" just fine, but then it all went to hell in a hand basket despite me doing nothing different. There are rare occasions when she takes a 2 hour nap, but I don't know why. Everything can be the exact same to me, so it must be something in her head. I don't know. Night time is the same crazy chaos.

Today, when she woke up from her nap too early (20 minutes in) and too overtired, I decided to experiment.

She didn't know what to think when I calmed her down, laid her on her back, and went to sit in the chair in her room. At first she just laid there, then she got up and walked around the sides of her crib, then she played with her bear, then she threw her bear and pillow out, then she walked over to me (I paid her no attention), then she laid her head down on the corner of the crib walls next to me, then she reached for me, then she cried because she wanted me to pick her up (I ignored her), then she walked over to the other side of the crib and reached for her Winnie wall hanging (we usually say "hi" to him when we get up), then she screamed.... then I started the whole process over. It failed. So then I tried to "show" her how to nap by snuggling her bear on the floor by her crib.

I also learned that you cannot "teach" an 11 month old to sleep by pretending to nap on her floor.

Random things I saw by staying in her room:
She tried to walk from one side of the crib to the other, but fell 2 steps in (kinda cool).
She got absolutely PISSED when I laid next the crib, stuck my hand through the slats, and held her pillow down (because she kept trying to throw it out).

At my wits end,


ps. Babies her "age" are supposed to get 11-14 hours of sleep. She gets 11 if we are lucky. I worry what this does for her development, because she can't grow/retain memories if she doesn't sleep well enough. I know that in general, she is developing just fine; but at what point does she start falling behind?


  1. We have been having troubles getting our girls to nap lately too. My toddler will sleep some days for 2 hrs and other not at all, and is very cranky with a nap. I completely understand how you feel. Hope you find the solution.

  2. You poor thing. That sounds like quite the crazy adventure. We have issues with it taking 20-30 minutes for Alethea to fall asleep, but she still sleeps at least 30 minutes 2 times a day. She still generally only sleeps 1 to 1.5 hrs of naps total a day at 11 months so not much longer. One suggestion that I have heard for the nighttime sleep is a bottle of formula before bed and even at naps. We have a friend who their daughter didn't start sleeping through the night until they started that for her at 11months. Hope you are able to find a solution and get some sleep!

  3. We had that problem with our daughter. Doctor suggested gas drops because she was always uncomfortable and couldn't sleep much. It worked. I hope you find a solution.

  4. i feel your sleep-deprived pain!! my liitle guy really sleeps when he's held; he instantly wakes up when i try laying him down. so basically i hold him forthe entire time or else he doesn;t sleep. i guess this way it forces me to sit down and relax but i also NEVER get time to myself until someone gets home! yes, it'smy choice ut i'm not going to let him scream it out! i wish i had advice for you.

    annae07 at aol dot com

  5. Have you thought about melatonin? Its an herbal supplement that can help with sleep onset. Since sleep tends to beget sleep, I wonder if she went down better at night and slept longer overnight if you'd get a better nap as well? Its available over the counter.


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