Thursday, February 09, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday (12)

--- 1 ---
I had a great guest post this week from another Catholic momma. She wrote about breastfeeding, including BF'ing while using NFP. I hope you'll check it out, and visit her blog Via, Veritas, Vita.

--- 2 ---
On Sunday afternoon, we were playing with the baby in the, but she crawled away from us to play independently in the dining room. I was going to show her "the girl" to get her attention so that she'd rejoin us in the living room, but I couldn't find the toy. I asked my husband if he had it, and he said no. I decided that maybe if I asked baby G where "the girl" was, she could find her...because that is her game, after all. So I said, "Hey G, can you find the girl??" Baby G perked up, crawled over to the full laundry basket and started digging around. My husband went to help her and retrieved the girl from the bottom of the basket. Apparently G had hidden her there earlier. We all started laughing. It was one of those priceless family moments :-)

--- 3 ---
This week a friend got some tough news about her baby boy, who is a month younger than G. I don't want to share the details, but he has to have surgery and her whole family could really use some prayers right now. Please just lift the family up in your thoughts this weekend. I know my friend would appreciate it.
--- 4 ---
A great mom moment happened yesterday morning. Baby G let me rub her back for like 10 minutes without squirming or even lifting her head. We were snuggling in the recliner & she had her head on my shoulder. I gently started rubbing her back & she seemed to really appreciate it. I love our peaceful intimate moments when it's just the two of us.

--- 5 ---
Did you guys see the Rick Santorum serge this week? I'm not a political person at all, but my favorite guy, Jon Huntsman, Jr. got knocked out early. My second favorite, Rick Santorum, apparently won three states (although it doesn't actually mean much) on Tuesday. I instantly liked Santorum when I caught this on the Today show at the end of December:

--- 6 ---
I went to Marshall's yesterday to find baby G's outfit for our family pictures next weekend (also her one year pictures). I picked out the cutest navy/grey shirt dress with matching leggings, although I had thought I was going to get a dress. I've decided she will go barefoot in the pictures because she only has one pair of shoes, which are pink and don't match. I'm really excited for next weekend because we've never had a professional family photo taken. Hopefully she will look at the camera and not us!
I also got her two Elmo books for her birthday--one has an Elmo puppet attached. She's going to love it; she really enjoys sock puppets :-)
--- 7 ---
My aunt and her husband sent G a birthday present this week. It's a tradition on that side of the family for the first birthday gift to be a red rocking chair.
taken on my phone, fresh out of the box

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  1. Not a fan of Santorum by any stretch but I had to give him some respect for dropping everything when his daughter was hospitalized. It showed that he was very intentional about the priority of his family in his life.

  2. Santorum is my favorite candidate. He seems to be the only one who talks the talk and walks the walk.

    G looks so much older every time you post a picture of her!

  3. Prayers for your friend and her baby boy. Hope it goes well.

    What a cute chair! :)


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