Thursday, February 02, 2012

January 2012

Monday night I told my husband, "I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of January." He said, "What?? Where did the time go? This month went too fast....this year is going fast...last year went fast...."

He's not usually the dramatic type, so his comments struck me by surprise. Yes, January did go fast...but since having baby G, the time does seem to fly by. I think it is because we find ourselves in this cycle of grinding out the days just to make it to the weekend, which then is over too soon. If only we could live a life of weekends. Wouldn't that be so lovely?

The weekends are such a magical time. Fun things happen on the weekends.

Lazy mornings in bed. Breakfasts that take longer to make than they do to eat (my favorite). Spending time together. Family adventures that may involve a trip to get froyo. Grocery shopping trips that don't involve me breaking a sweat. Movie dates after the baby goes to sleep.

The rat race of life is so mundane. Yeah, my husband likes his job, and sure, I wouldn't trade being a stay at home mom for anything...but we are apart during those times. Our life is so much nicer when we are together. I suppose, though, that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Enough wishing; here are LfM's January stats:

5666 page views
1525 unique viewers
44% new visits

10% of my traffic is from search engines
5% of my traffic is direct
11% is from campaigns (my RSS feeds)
74% of my traffic is driven from other sites, broken down as follows:

  • facebook.com  25.45%
  • orgjunkie.com  13.35%
  • t.co  8.32%
  • blogger.com  7.11%
  • change-diapers.com  4.11%
  • wordlesswednesday.com  4.11%
  • catholicnewlywed.blogspot.com  2.90%
  • clothdiapergiveaways.com  2.81%
  • conversiondiary.com  1.98%
  • tjsorem.blogspot.com  1.84%
Thanks for following the blog, I really appreciate knowing that there are other like-minded parents out there. Your support through my SAHM struggles is really kind...it can really feel lonely sometimes. Having the interaction with you all on the blog is very helpful.

I hope you'll stick around for February, as the BFBBP event kicks off for baby G's birthday. I'll also be posting her birth story on 2/21 :-)

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