Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Car

I didn't post yesterday! The first time in over a month that I didn't post a new blog! We were at my parents' house all weekend. It was a pretty good trip. Always a bit sad to leave, but very happy to be returning home.

We had family dinners, game nights, church, extended family visits, play time with baby, and my husband went fishing a bit. G slept okay, usually waking once (11:30 pm????) and her naps were as expected.

I don't think I'll have meal plan Monday posted until tomorrow because we are still on the road and I've only got tonight's dinner figured out.

I do have some blog post inspiration from this weekend, so look forward to a new cloth diaper related post :-)

I also have some fun news! We got a new car this weekend. We have been looking to increase our space for some time now. We just hadn't found the right price or right car. We went car browsing in my old hometown and actually found a decent crossover at a decent price. We test drove it & talked about it...we just couldn't turn it down. By trading in our car (that I loved & kinda miss) we actually made some money while getting more space and only compromising gas mileage a bit. We 'made' money by actually taking money off of what we owed on the Honda & not owing anything on the new car. We got a 2002 Buick Rendezvous. It's only got 53000 miles on it. My husband is also glad it shouldn't have too much expensive maintenance coming up like our Honda hybrid was about to have. We have a lot more space for baby stuff on road trips. It's still pretty nice, even though it's old. It's got everything our Honda had except a 6 disc changer and seat warmers. We did upgrade to a moon roof & onstar should we pay for it.

I'll keep you posted in how we like it. Thus far on our road trip, it rides great & I am loving all the extra space!


  1. When I was last looking for a car, it literally took six months to find the perfect one! But when I did it was so worth it! Hope you'll love your new car.

  2. Congrats on the new car! Sounds like an awesome holiday weekend!

  3. Hi! I like your Blog! I'm following your Blog, FB & Twitter! I hope your visit! Have a wonderful Week!


  4. Hi, I'm here from Good Friends Just click. I'm a new follower - hope you can visit me sometime soon to say hi!

    I went home this past weekend too. Sometimes, even as adults, we just need to see our mommies :)


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