Thursday, September 29, 2011

Strange Things of the 7 month kind.

G has been doing some odd things lately, and I'm interested to see if your kiddos do similar things.
  1. She pulls her hair. Usually this only occurs while nursing. She'll grab onto her hair and PULL. Not just the, "oh, what is this?" gentle tug...but the "wow, some hair came out," YANK. I've tried stopping her but she only gets mad at me!
  2. She scratches her ear. a lot. Usually only her left one. No ear infection, so I have no clue why. Sometimes she actually scratches it on the inside and a little scab develops because she broke the skin. Yes, I clip her nails, it still happens.
  3. She has been known to pull off in the middle of a let down. So.annoying. It's not been happening as much lately, I think this happened more when she was soooo distractable. She's been getting better at eating, so hopefully this is on it's way out.
  4. G says "Ba-Ba!!" but doesn't ever really take a bottle... so my maybe she is trying to say "ma-ma" but hasn't figured out the right mouth movement. When she is eating she can say "mmmmmmmm," so I know she can do the "m" sound. Maybe Ba-Ba is for baby? or block? or book? who knows. It's cute though, just odd.
  5. She can put herself down to sleep at naps AND at bed time, but will scream in the middle of the night if she wakes up. At naps, if she wakes up, she can put herself back to sleep. Sometimes she can put herself back to sleep in the early morning, but most often, if she wakes up at night, it's a battle of wills--will she "cry it out" of will I go in there? WHY is she so unreliable with sleep?!
  6. She acts like she is teething, but STILL NO TEETH! She'll gnaw on things, drool, act irritable, and like sucking on cold things...and I can see the whites of the teeth, but they've yet to push through. So strange.

Please let me know if you baby does/did anything similar, I'd really like to know G isn't the only unexplainable baby!


  1. My daughter is 7 months too and she is definitely known to pull her hair. Most of the time lately she twirls it (the little bit she has) while she is nursing or putting herself to sleep. She doesn't scratch her ears, but she does rub at them a lot. I was under the impression that was part of teething, but just like Gianna, my daughter has no teeth yet either. :-) As far as the sounds, my daughter makes the "bah, bah", "ma, ma", and "da, da" sounds, but I don't think they are at anything in particular. It think she is just making sounds right now and hasn't really figured out how to associate them with the correct word yet. No pulling off while nursing or screaming in the night for her though, thankfully, so hopeufully that goes away for you soon. So much fun to see how they grow up and all the funny quirks they develop, even if just for a season! :-)

  2. Thanks Cori! It is fun to watch them grow and develop personalities! One thing I could really do without, though, is the crazy-CRAZY sleep issues. I really thought I had it all figured out when I did "sleep training," but I think Gianna is too strong willed to be sleep trained. I feel like I am in Marley & Me and we are getting kicked out of dog training school-HA.

  3. My nearly-8-month-old has been doing #1-4 too! In fact, reading this made me feel like you were talking about her! :D


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