Friday, September 30, 2011

NEW Milk Chocolate Brownie Pack Giveaway & Review by Betty Crocker

Something you should know about me, I love to bake--LOVE to bake! Everyone I know loves my treats, and one of my go-to items is a pan of brownies. A secret that I am about to reveal to you, that no one should tell Martha Stewart, is regarding my brownie recipe.

I use store bought mix.  

There. I said it. The secret is out. In my humble opinion, brownies turn out better when you use store bought mix. I don't think the same of cookies, cakes, or rolls, but brownies...use the box. Just my opinion.

There are ways to personalize your brownies, so that you can at least say they are semi-homemade.
  • Toss in some white or milk chocolate chips--or for an even yummier treat, try peanut butter chips!
  • Top with frosting and sprinkles
  • Swirl in some cream cheese or a little bit of cheesecake batter 
Here's my most recent brownie invention:
  • spread the batter out between two 9x13 pans, cook for less time (15ish minutes) and keep an eye on them since they are much thinner
  • allow to cool
  • cut into little squares
  • stuff some Betty Crocker Cream Cheese icing between two pieces for a surprising dessert--Brownie Sandwiches (I cannot begin to tell you how big of a hit these were!)
All of that being said, I am so excited to share the latest brownie mix from Betty Crocker.
**Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix**
I received one Betty Crocker® Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix, a red Betty Crocker apron, a 9x9" brownie pan with lid (mine was Wilton brand), and mixing spatula. Winner will receive same prize pack.
I had planned to make the new brownies with my sister, but there were a few issues with out plan--starting with a flat tire. She loves brownies almost as much as I do, so of course we were looking forward to making them together, but such is life.
I made them this past week for my husband and I--too bad G isn't a big girl ;-) We demolished them; they were so scrumptious! I would definitely suggest some milk to wash it down! They turned out perfectly, they were best warm out of the oven--the perfect blend of gooey and crumbly. The flavor is different from the Dark Chocolate or Fudge brownie mixes--rich milk chocolate floods your palate--but the quality is the same as the Betty Crocker brand you know and trust.

You and your family/friends can share in the brownie delight-- look for the new Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Brownie mix in stores this fall.

You can also enter to win using the rafflecopter widget below!

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    Disclosure: The product, information and prize pack have been provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark. All opinions are my own, bake at your own risk! :-)


      1. I love brownies. I may have eaten one for breakfast...:D

      2. I would love to win this so my son and I could bake them for daddy!!
        ramblesahm at yahoo dot com

      3. I would bake these brownies for my friend. She has been under the weather lately. This would cheer her up.

      4. I love that you have a wine glass in your picture. It's just like Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee on Food Network. :)

      5. with my daughter- we love baking together

      6. Brownies would be great for a Sunday at the house watching the game!

        katie at coverbutton dot net

      7. I take them to work! :) they love when I bake lol

      8. my daughter and my nephew


      9. I will most likely make them by myself (with my little one at my feet), for my hubby and maybe take some to my church home group too. :-)

      10. i am going to make brownies for my kids

      11. My husband Joe just turned 60. He is a hard working teacher of special needs kids. He deserves a pan of brownies. Thanks.


      12. Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I just discovered your blog and wanted to drop by and say hi. I am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance. www.colieskitchen.com

      13. Id make them for myself, of course :)

      14. I'd bake them for myself, but give half to my mom (so I don't eat them all!)

      15. I love making brownies with my kids.

      16. I'd make my mom brownies since her birthday is coming up soon.

      17. I would be baking brownies with my two granddaughters.

      18. my kids :)
        junegirl26 at hotmail dot com

      19. My family of course

      20. i'd bake them w/ my daughter!

        annae07 at aol dot com

      21. I'd bake these for my son! He LOVES brownies!


      22. i would bake these for my kids

        bbrandy2002 at gmail dot com

      23. My 3 year old son LOVES to bake. I have a feeling he is going to end up being a pastery chef when he grows up.

        I absolutely love bettycrocker.

      24. I would bake these brownie for my family :)

      25. I would make brownies for my family, we LOVE chocolate!

      26. my son and i would enjoy these

      27. This is an awesome giveaway!

        Thanks so much for hosting!

      28. my husband

      29. My husband- I made him brownies right after our first date, and he said he knew then we were perfect!
        mamagatzemeyer at gmail dot com

      30. I will bake them for my kids

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      32. with my kids for their b-day party
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      33. I plan on making them for my hubby if I win. He has such a sweet tooth.

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      35. i would bake the brownies for me and my bro to celebrate buying our first house!

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      37. Megan McGowan ParsonsOctober 7, 2011 at 1:29 PM

        I would bake them for my kids, hubby and myself! We love brownies!


      38. I'd love to bake brownies with my son for my husband :)

      39. I plan to bake the brownies for my husband and daughters

      40. Me...ha ha ha...they are all mine....ok fine I'll share with the hubby

      41. I would love to win and bake for my daughters

        Thank you for hosting this giveaway

        pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

      42. I plan to back these for my whole family! yummmm!

        cindyloumagee at yahoo dot com


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