Saturday, September 03, 2011

Spinnin' Saturday: Hallelujah

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This week G and I were listening to Pandora Lullaby and what I consider to be "our song" (G and me, not me and my husband) came on. As the title indicates, our song is Hallelujah. I know the song is about a man and a woman. So, why is this our song??

When I was pregnant, my husband and I took Bradley birth classes. The Bradley Method is also known as husband coached childbirth. It is about achieving a natural/unmedicated birth through relaxation and spousal support. I highly recommend the program. One of the best parts of the class was interacting with other pregnant couples--it just makes you feel like you aren't alone. Our instructor was fantastic and the other couples in our class made 12 weeks of classes fun and interesting. We learned all there was to know about pregnancy, labor, and birth. I felt very prepared for our unmedicated midwife (in a hospital setting) birth. I'll write more about this in another post, because I'm straying from the point of this post!

When thinking of how I could best relax for labor, music was near the top of the list. Throughout my final weeks of pregnancy I compiled a playlist of great songs that relax me. Although they never really got used at home or in the hospital (I just got in the zone and didn't need/want music), the car ride was filled with one song. Hallelujah has such a great melody and the lyrics are entrancing. I can still, very vividly, remember the car ride there (complete with seeing a cop in the median at ONE AM waiting for speeders). We got lucky on a few stop lights. The roads were pretty clear. The car was warm even though it was pretty frigid outside. I stared at the sky and the stars. We didn't really talk, except for me to mention a contraction was ramping up. I had one getting into the car, two in the car, and one getting out of the car. All of those memories come flooding back every time I hear Hallelujah. 

It's even more special when I'm listening to it while holding G. She's so amazing, I'm quite speechless when trying to describe just how I feel about her. It transcends love. Singing along with the song to her helps me release some of the emotions I have from being her mother. It's more about the melody and the way the song makes me feel, less about the lyrics.

I hope you can understand what I'm talking about... surely some other mother out there knows what I mean about the inability to fully describe how much they love their babies... and Hallelujah encompasses many of those feelings because of song's connection to her birth.

Here it is:
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  1. That's a great song anyway without even having any special connection to it! We took a one day childbirth class, so we didn't get to know the other couples very well, but I wish we did (although the other couples were very into medicated births - I think some of them changed their minds during the class because it was taught by a nurse midwife who was very forthright about the risks of interventions).

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