Sunday, September 11, 2011

SAHM: Quote of my lifetime

A few nights ago, feeling very worn out and down on myself for not getting everything on my to-do-list completed, I said the following to my husband.
You know, being a stay at home mom would be a lot easier without kids.
I'm sure many, MANY of you (moms) can relate, and you probably have more kids and more space to clean than I do! Sheesh! What work we do, no pay! I love my husband, and he is very supportive, but sometimes I do wish we could trade places so he could find a renewed appreciation for all that goes on around here. I know that his work is not easy, and he gets stressed...but at least when he comes home at the end of the day, it's done. I just feel like I never really catch a break. I constantly have something left on my list that needs done, I never get to really unwind. I suppose that is my fault, because I've heard of moms who find time to relax.
Maybe if I wasn't trying to grow a blog into a business/brand, I'd have more time.
Maybe if I didn't insist on ironing all of my husband's work clothes, even the "wrinkle-free" items, I'd have more time.
Maybe if I didn't want to stay half-way in shape by working out/walking, I'd have more time.
Maybe if I didn't want to home cook our meals, I'd have more time.
Maybe if I didn't dust/vacuum at least once a week, keep the kitchen clean, and the house as uncluttered as possible, I'd have more time.
Maybe if I didn't have a baby who's trying to get into everything, and needs my pretty much constant attention, I'd have more time to get all of the other things done.
Maybe if I wasn't constantly trying to stay one step ahead, or plan everything out, I'd have more room in my brain to unwind.

Those things make me who I am, so I guess I really don't want to change any of it. My personality is such that I try to perfect all that I do...I wouldn't be the wife, mother, daughter, or sister my family has come to know and love if I changed any of that. God made me how I am, and this is the path he laid out for me. I love staying home with G. I'm not complaining, I'm simply stating that being a stay at home mom, would be sooooo much easier without a baby to care for ;-)

After the above statement, I told my husband
Guess I'll just hold out for early retirement.
Quote of my lifetime right there, folks, quote of my lifetime. Happy Sunday!

edit: My husband let me sleep this morning when G woke up. He took her outside, read her books, and let me have some extra rest. Hooray :-) I needed it because I am kind of sick.


  1. I hear you & can completely relate!
    I hope you got some rest and are feeling better!

    Thanks for stopping by the Midweek Hopalong! Hope to see you again this week! :)

  2. The grass is always greener on the other side! I can't wait until this baby is born because I can't find enough to do with my time being home and not having anyone to care for.


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