Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby G at 9 months old

My bitty baby is NINE months old today! I think nine months old is a big deal. It's 3/4 of a year and major milestones have been reached.

She is right on track for development, and is growing in personality every second. She smiles all.the.time. G is seriously the happiest baby I have ever seen.

Her home measurements are:
28.25" height
17.8 lbs weight
2 bottm teeth and the top right tooth is cutting through

She sleeps about 11 hours at night and usually gets a total of 12.5 for the day. Last night she slept 7:55 - 6:55 all the way through!! Hooray!

New things this month:

Fighting off her first big cold, it was a lot worse for me than for her...thanks breastfeeding
Intentionally waving, and I swear she's trying to say "hi" and "bye"
Drinking water from a sippy cup on her own
Getting to a sitting position on her own--even in her crib (that scared her for a while)
Finding completely hidden toys--she had been able to do this before, but now she's really good at it
Enjoying playing "roll the ball" a lot more and will even manage to let it go so it rolls back
Intentionally turning pages in books--really great at this! She also likes to lift the flaps in her Pooh flap books.

Pulling up on everything--anything she wasn't pulling up on the last time I wrote, she is now!
Transferring between objects that are further apart; she also likes to walk laps around the coffee table.
Crawling a lot more with her belly off the ground (but still prefers army/lizard crawling)
Eating real strawberries, pear, peas, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cheerios, puffs, apples, banana,  and guacamole! She has also tasted a pretzel and chip.

G is still interested in big kids and all that they do. She's very interested in the world around her, and isn't scared to go exploring on her own.  She enjoys watching animals, too. She seems very independently minded and hasn't shown real stranger anxiety. She doesn't sit still very often, and church is getting a bit more difficult. She still behaves pretty well, but we usually have to distract her a lot. She is most wound up right before nursing for bed, but puts herself to sleep without much fussing. We love listening to her babbles and giggles. She lights up our life and we are really lucky to have such a great baby!

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  1. So fun! Glad to hear she slept all night for you last night. Yay! Gotta love happy babies. She is such a cutie!


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