Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our anniversary - kind of #WW

Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary. It was our first anniversary as parents. It was 11/22/11. It was also G's 9 month "birthday." It was a BIG day. Thankfully, my husband's cousin and his wife came to babysit so that we could go out. We are so appreciative of them!!

I'd like to share the card that I got for my husband. I usually spend at least 10 minutes in the card aisle trying to pick the perfect one. (I will home make cards for our 'dating' anniversary and sometimes other holidays, but for our wedding anniversary...I buy one. always.) This year I walked away from the card aisle after 1 minute, with the first card I picked up. Not because I was in a hurry or anything, but because the first card I read was the most perfect card in the world. (I did read a few more to be sure, but they didn't come close). I couldn't believe my luck! Here it is:
"For my
Amazing Husband

The easy part
was falling in love --
over intimate dinners,
romantic getaways,
and deep conversations
that last long into the night.

But the best part
is staying in love --
through the changes,
the challenges,
and the sweet surprises
raising a family can bring.

Always and forever,
you are the one I love.

Happy Anniversary
(Carlton Cards)

I did write in my own personal message, but that is, of course, private.

I love you Freddy <3

ps. Freddy is not my husband's name, it's my nickname for him that started years ago. I said, "It's time for bed, Fred," and he said, "Who's this Fred guy??" Ever since then, I call him Fred or Freddy... I think it's really cute because happily married old couples have totally random nicknames for each other, so we'll obviously be one of them someday.



apparently I've worn leggings for every anniversary dinner...gotta love November ;-)


  1. I always spend forever trying to get the perfect card (for any occasion!). That card was beautiful! Hope you had a great anniversary.

  2. That's so cute you have a nickname for him. Happy Anniversary to you both! I love the card.

  3. That's so funny! I always say, "Ready, Freddy?" and Sean always says, "Whose Freddy?!" lol.


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