Saturday, November 26, 2011

Puppies, Baking, Family... I'm back from my break!

She got some potatoes and turkey!
You probably noticed that I didn't post anything yesterday or on Thanksgiving either. I suppose I could have scheduled posts ahead of time, but I really just wanted my blog take a break from posting too. I've been spending a LOT of time on my blog / promoting giveaways / designing elements and just wanted to take a time out to be thankful for the gift of my little family. Kind of like a moment of silence, if you will. I hope you all were able to spend some quality time with loved ones, too.

My husband has been off work since Wednesday afternoon and I've been loving it! We've gone to the gym together, played with G together, done some (but not many) chores, watched two movies, and have eaten wonderful meals together! Thanksgiving dinner itself was kind of weird because we weren't with either of our immediate families. We went to my in-law's house a few weeks ago due to timing issues, and we will spend Christmas with my parents. I'm really looking forward to that--after skyping with my parents last night, I'm really missing them!

She loved the puppies
We went with my husband's cousin and his wife to her parents' home for Thanksgiving dinner. They only live about 40 minutes away, and we get to see them about once a month. They are so good with baby G and love her so much!
I brought dessert--pumpkin pie & white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. The baby enjoyed watching / playing with their little dogs, the men played some pool, and I got the benefit of not having to cook a big meal. I can't really say I didn't have anything to clean up, because baking for 3 days straight produced a lot of dishes to clean at home! I made a pumpkin dessert for my husband's work on Tuesday, made the cheesecake on Wednesday, and baked the pie on Thursday. Whew!

I am most thankful for my family, but I am also thankful for:

1. My husband's job that financially provides for our family
2. The ability to be a SAHM
3. The vehicles we have to drive
4. That we never go hungry
5. That we can pay our bills and the stress we have over finances is only self-inflicted
6. Both sets of our parents are alive and heathy
7. That G has met all of her living great-grandparents
8. That baby G is developing ahead of or on schedule in all areas
9. That I am still able to breastfeed
10. That we've made a few nice friends post-college
11. That we were able to receive college educations

Black Friday.
I've only gone shopping on one Black Friday--last year--yes, I was pregnant! I went with my mother-in-law and her sisters. We didn't head out until 8 AM, so it really wasn't that bad. I wanted to buy a few things this year, but decided not to go because I preferred to spend the time with my family. I wish the rest of America had this mentality. I can't believe some stores opened at 10 pm on Thanksgiving evening!! When will it stop?? I have a feeling that before long some stores won't even be closed at all on Thanksgiving! I remember EVERYTHING, even Wal-Mart, used to be closed ALL day on Thanksgiving. I wish that were still the case. In my opinion, Black Friday should not start until 8 AM on the day after Thanksgiving. I'm believe the early openings started because businesses wanted to attract shoppers to spend all of their money there before other stores opened, but it has evolved into this ridiculous marketing game. I know the deals are great, and you can get wonderful items for cheaper than ever, but fist fights, shootings, pepper spray, and trampling little kids isn't worth a few hundred bucks of savings. My husband and I discussed that the opportunity cost of us camping out to save some money would never equal the opportunity cost of the time spent with family on Thanksgiving. If we want to buy something, we will save up and buy it when we can. The things that matter, aren't things.

We did make one (well, two) purchases yesterday. Around 2 pm we went to Hy-Vee and bought a $50 Lowe's gift card & $25 to Panera for $60 total. We then went to Lowe's and bought a $50 ceramic/digital space heater with remote for baby G's room. Thus, we got it for $35. We've been wanting to buy one for a long time because her room is the coldest in the apartment. She slept through the night last night, so I love that heater already!
She loves waving!

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