Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sleep and Teeth - a sleep log update

I haven't posted a sleep log in a few weeks, because not much has changed. There really hasn't been much of an improvement. The good news, though, is that G has settled back down into a two nap pattern for now. That's a lot easier to deal with, than trying to make one nap stretch for the whole day. Her nights are still a crapshoot, but at least I can blame the teeth and poop (nothing I can control). Her top right tooth is seriously THIS CLOSE to poking through. We haven't figured out anything to solve the middle of the night poop problems, so we are changing a poopy diaper around 5 AM each morning. UGHHHHH.

On a positive note, she can now sit down like a pro, so that's not an issue with nap time anymore. She's also been great about putting her self to sleep without really crying (so long as her teeth aren't bugging her).

I wonder when I will stop tracking her sleep? It gets old sometimes, but when I don't do it, I feel like everything goes crazy. Even if her sleep isn't "good," I at least "know why." Too many "quotes?" Sorry about it...if we were talking in real life, I'd have a certain tone in my voice that exudes sarcasm. ;-)

Here's a week's worth of logs. The summary is that she gets about 12 hours of sleep a day, which is low for her age. She doesn't take very long naps, and is awake almost all day. She nurses about 6 times a day and eats 3 meals of solids--although they aren't very large.

Wednesday (I tried to do CIO, even attended CIO this day because her sleep was just absolutely screwy...but it turns out the main issue was that she was too scared/couldn't sit down once she was standing in her crib. We practiced a lot, and she can do it now...but this day was really tough and her sleep overnight and total were abysmal)
7:40 PM asleep
10:15 awake, NS--2:35
10:20 daddy calmed her down
10:45 asleep
4:30 AM awake, NS--5:45
4:45 Change poop/ nurse
5:15 asleep
6:45 awake, NS--1:30
7 Out of crib, TONS=9:50 (BAD)
8:10 nurse
10 nurse
10:15 asleep
10:40 awake, 25m nap
11 lunch: apple, banana
12:40 PM pd crying
1 pu/pd
1:05 pd from standing
1:15 go in & attended cio
Soothe in crib
1:37 leave, she's almost asleep
1:40 asleep
2:05 awake crying. 25m nap
2:10 out of crib
4:45 nurse
5:25 dinner: green beans, carrots, pea
7:05 nurse
Total: 10:40 (HORRIBLE TOTAL!!)
Meals: 5, 2 solids

Thursday (Despite the previous day's low total, her night sleep was really good. She only did one nap, but it was really spread apart due to poop/OT from the day before...I think I should have made her nap sooner)
7:20 PM asleep
4:20 AM awake, NS--9
4:30 change poop/nurse
5 asleep
7:15 awake, NS--2:15
7:20 out of crib, TONS=11:15 (great!)
8:05 breakfast: cheerios, apple
8:20 nurse (didn't eat much)
9:25 nurse
12 PM nurse
12:10 asleep
12:40 awake, 30m nap
12:50 change poop/nurse to calm
1:05 pd awake
1:10 Fine for a while but then pulled up and started crying
1:27 calm in crib
1:29 leave, still crying
1:35 asleep, yay!
2:25 awake, 50m nap
2:35 out of crib
2:45 lunch, veggies, apple
4:15 nurse
6:20 dinner, veggies, apple
7:25 nurse
Total sleep: 12:35 (average)
Meals: 6, 3 solids

Friday (I think the 3-4 am waking was due to OT. We traveled to my in-law's house Friday morning, so her nap schedule/routine was thrown off. A lower than average total set up a poor overnight into Saturday)
7:50 PM asleep
3:10 AM awake, NS--7:20
3:20 daddy tried to calm
3:30 pd crying
3:35 change (no poop)
3:40 nurse
3:55 pd awake
4:05 asleep
7:20 awake, NS--3:15
7:30 out of crib, TONS=10:35 (average)
8 nurse (half feeding)
8:20 breakfast cheerios
9:05 nurse (half feeding)
10:10 asleep in car (in & out)
10:20 really asleep
10:40 awake, 25ish nap
12:20 PM nurse
15 min nap in car as we got to my in-laws (Tried to get her to nap once we got there. Fail)
2:05 out of crib
2:30 lunch apples, puffs
3:50 nap in car
4:10 awake, 20m
4:50 nurse
6 dinner, peas/sweet potatoes puffs
7:30 nurse
7:50 pd awake
Total sleep: 11:20 (not great)
Meals: 6, 3 solids

Saturday (Expected the bad night sleep due to the day's pattern and different routine--that didn't make it any easier to deal with though. The day was tough, too, because we were off doing things. She was in a pretty good mood all day, until she was OT and starving on our way back to my in-law's.)
8:05 PM asleep
12:35 AM awake, NS--4:30
12:50 nurse bc nothing else working (and at in laws so no CIO)
1:05 pd awake
1:10 asleep
4:30 awake, NS--3:20
4:40 nurse / change (no poop)
5:05 asleep
6:35 awake, NS--1:30
7:05 out of crib, TONS=9:20 (really horrible)
8:20 breakfast, puffs, apple, banana
9:35 nurse
9:45 asleep
11:15 awake, 1:30
12:15 PM lunch, sweet potato, puff
1:30 nurse
3 puff snack
4:40 nurse
4:55 asleep
5:30 awake, 35m nap
6:30 nurse
6:50 pd awake
7 nurse to calm
7:10 pd crying
7:20 nurse
Total sleep: 11:25 (not great)
Meals: 7, 3 solids

Sunday (Great night, due to pure exhaustion I'm sure. She was so tired on our way home, but I didn't let her fall asleep after the one late nap in the car because I knew it would mess up bedtime. If she would have gotten a better second nap, this day would have been perfect!)
7:30 PM asleep
5:30 AM awake, NS--10
5:45 change poop/nurse
6:30 asleep
7:30 awake, NS--1
7:35 out of crib, TONS: 11 (great)
8:45 breakfast, rice cereal/apple
9:30 nurse
11:15 nurse
11:40 asleep
12:40 PM awake, 1
1:30 lunch, sweet potatoes, puffs
3:30 nurse
4:45 nurse
5:25 asleep in car
5:50 awake, 25m
6:20 dinner in car, puffs
7:15 nurse
7:25 pd awake
Total sleep: 12:25 (average)
Meals: 6, 3 solids

Monday (It's always tough having to get back in the swing of things, but this day was alright. It's an average day, and that's all I could ask for our first day home. I only wish she would have slept in longer!)
7:40 PM asleep
8:30 awake (travel confusion?), NS--50m
8:40 pu/pd
8:50 pu/pd
9 pu/pd
9:05 asleep
5:10 AM awake, NS--9:05
5:30 asleep
5:50 awake, NS--20m
6 change poop, nurse
6:25 pd awake, never fell asleep
6:40 out of crib, TONS=10:15 (okay)
7:50 breakfast, cheerios
8:10 nurse
8:20 asleep
10 awake, 1:40
12:20 PM lunch, pear/puffs
12:45 nurse
12:55 pd awake
Nap fail: poop
1:30 out of crib
3:20 nurse
3:35 asleep
4:10 awake, 35m
5:45 dinner
7:10 nurse
7:25 pd awake
Total sleep: 12:35 (average)
Meals: 5, 3 solids

Tuesday (Hating the earlier wake-up time!! Average day AND she put herself down for a nap, despite standing in her crib. She's gotten great at sitting even in her crib--which had previously scared her! Can't complain about this day!)
7:30 PM asleep
3:50 AM awake, NS--8:20
3:55 change poop, nurse
4:25 pd awake
4:30 asleep
6:30 awake, NS--2
6:40 out of crib, TONS=10:20 (okay)
7:45 nurse
8:10 breakfast, cheerios
8:56 nurse
9:10 asleep
10:20 awake, 1:10
11:50 lunch, apple, carrot
12:30 PM nurse
12:40 pd awake
12:50 change poop
1:30 asleep
2:10 awake, 40m
4:15 nurse
5:25 dinner, banana, apple, puffs
6:55 nurse
7:05 pd very drowsy
Total sleep: 12:10 (average)
Meals: 6, 3 solids

Wednesday (I seriously wish there was a way to stop this early AM poop habit! She also had an early night waking, despite us giving her medicine before bed for teething pain. Her naps were great this day, even though one got over pretty late. She was in a pretty good mood all day aside from the teething pain and gnawing on her thumb. The top right tooth is almost through!)
7:10 asleep
10:10 awake, NS--3
10:15 pu/soothe
10:30 asleep
5:20 awake, NS--6:50
5:25 change poop/nurse
5:45 asleep
7:05 awake, NS--1:20
7:30 out of crib, TONS=11:10 (great, just broken up)
8 nurse
8:35 breakfast, cheerios
10:15 nurse
10:30 asleep
11:20 awake, 50m
11:50 lunch: apple, pear, puff
1:30 nurse
3:20 nurse
3:30 asleep
5 awake, 1:30
5:30 dinner, peas, carrots, pear
7 nurse
Total sleep: 13:30 (awesome!!!)
Meals: 6, 3 solids


  1. So sorry to hear her sleep hasn't gotten much better. Those crazy teeth! She wears a teething necklace right? We have found ours to be really helpful and we even have our daughter wear it around her neck during naps (we have video monitor to keep an eye on her) and then around her ankle at night. We have had the increase in poopy diapers and diaper rash with teething, but thankfully not during the night. Hope you are able to find a solution soon because this doesn't sound like fun! And if it makes you feel any better Alethea still only sleeps about 12 hours a day and usually that means about 11hrs at night with two naps. So much for getting anything done during naps :-)

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