Tuesday, November 01, 2011

PUFFS! (and Dad told a funny part II)

My daughter is already starting tantrums!! She's only 8 months old, but we have to get a handle on this stat! What's funny is that she doesn't throw a "tantrum" for just anything, it's only used when she wants her Happy Baby Organic Puffs.

she's had the banana and green (spinach/kale/collard greens) puffs
In general, I treat the puffs as dessert, starting with "real" food, and only offering puffs after she's eaten enough dinner. Usually, dinner consists of 3-4 spoons of food and lunch is often the same. When we are out/in a different location she will eat better, so perhaps she just associates the corner where her high chair is with puffs. She loves the puffs so much, showing gleeful excitement when the container is brought over.

So how do I know it's a tantrum, rather than just crying for something?

Because she smacks her hand down on the table or tray and screams until she gets more puffies!! She looks around trying to find them, even looking on the floor by her high chair (guess she doesn't realize her momma is a slight clean freak and would never leave 'leftovers'). We try to feed her other food, but until she gets the puffs, there is no soothing her. I used to think it was kind of hilarious, but the longer it's gone on, I realize it is not a good indication for our future! We will not be those parents that have a tantrum throwing baby, so any tips for dealing with them would be appreciated! Especially if it allows us to have dinner in peace and a fed baby.

note the obsession in her eyes
This weekend, my husband and I were talking about how she seems like an addict. She instantly cheers up when given some puffies. So we were saying she needs to go to "PA"-puffs anonymous and my husband mimicked her and said:

"Hi, My name is G and I've been off the puffies for five hours."

I busted up laughing.


  1. I had almost the same thing happen with my little girl who is almost 17 months old now. She liked the puffs so much that she didn't even want to eat her meals at times she just wanted to go straight to the puffs. (I also only gave them to her after meals.) I finally got to my breaking point and stopped giving them to her all together and as we started on other foods she seemed to finally forget about them. After a while I started to incorporate them again and she didn't have the same issues of wanting them so badly because she liked the other foods better. She still eats them occasionally, but now she would rather have the container to play with then the puffs. Hope that helps, maybe as you incorporate new foods into her diet maybe that will help. Good luck!

  2. Awe, tantrums are no fun. What works for us with Cheerios (we haven't tried puffs yet), which she loves, is we give her two or three at a time and she eats her food along the way in between her Cheerios treats. She actually refuses to eat the spoon-fed stuff unless she gets some form of finger-food (Cheerios, dried fruit, etc), so that is what we have had to do with her. Hope you are able to figure it out without sending her to Puffs Anonymous. ;-)

  3. Thanks ladies, I'm glad we aren't alone in this! I've tried the giving some along the way thing...didn't work! I used a mesh feeder today and gave her small pieces of apple too, it was kind of successful. At dinner, she ate like 12 spoons of homemade sweet potatoes--I'll take that!


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