Thursday, November 03, 2011

October Stats

I'm using our old blog address stats, as the new domain was just started a few days ago and the old domain is still current on all stats below (due to the fact that I'm still hosted on blogger and the two are tied together).

Alexa Rankings:
US ranking: 187,464
WW ranking: 971,859 (under one million!! hooray!)
sites linking in: 62

Google Analytics:
3158 Pageviews
1579 Visits
787 Unique Visitors
44% new visitors

9.63% of my visits were from direct traffic. I'm happy with this, and it should increase as www.lettersfrommomma.com is easier to remember.

78.85 of my visits were from referring traffic (facebook being the largest contributor).

2.85% of my visits were from search engines. Of all my stats, I'd like to see this increase. Therefore my google page rank needs to improve. I think buying my own domain was step one.

This month my Save Our Daughters link was added to The Shape of a Mother! I was also featured again at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. I also received my first opportunity to have a paid post, Puppies vs Babies.  I hosted several giveaways (Betty Crocker, Mother-ease, Chewy Tubes) and have more in the works (Thirsties, Eco Sprout, Seventh Generation). I received an offer to have a sponsored link on my blog for a (very) small amount of money. And, of course the biggest highlight, I bought the Letters From Momma domain!

Overall, I'm really please with how my blog is growing. I really DON'T want to be one of those blogs that only does reviews/giveaways to get traffic/make money from ads/links/etc. I honestly want to be a blog that has meaningful content and shares personal anecdotes. I hope you all enjoy Letters from Momma!

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