Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday 5 - Gratitude

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This week we have a button!! If you are interested in participating in the Letters from Momma Sunday 5 Linky; write a blog post with 5 things you are grateful for this week, grab the button code and copy it into your HTML for that post, and then submit your link at the bottom of this post so that others can go read what you wrote! I know that there are a lot of blog/facebook "thankful" themed posts going on right now, but Letters from Momma has been posting Sunday 5 - Gratitude posts for at least a month now, and will continue past the holiday season. I'd love to see this linky grow blog-hop style! This linky is a way to have a personal post for your readers, but also generate some traffic to your blog!

I look forward to reading all your gratitude posts! I promise if you link up here, I'll visit your post and share some comment love.

This week I am grateful for the following things.

1. My husband's job. Even though he had to work Saturday morning and stay late a few days last week, it is a great job. He is good at it, and it provides for us. It allows me to stay home with baby G and for that, I'm really grateful. The benefits are good and there are many vertical opportunites for my husband.

2. Good coffee. I used to be a big caffine-addict...but now, for some reason, when I need it most, I haven't been drinking it much at all. Maybe 2 times a month. Recently, though, we started using out home coffee pot again. Folgers Gourmet Select was on sale and I bought some pumpkin spice creamer at Aldi. It's no PSL from Starbucks, but it is still really good. And I feel like a more efficient human. Ha.

3. Bulb Syringes. Gross, and not fun to use...but it's helping get the yuckies out of G's nose. She's got a cold right now and it's NO fun for anyone. I never thought I'd want to use the blue thing, and neither did my husband, but it works. Poor baby girl.

4. Coupons, Target, & our local grocery store We made our weekly food budget this week, thanks to some GREAT coupons. I also like that Target lets you stack manufacturers' coupons with store coupons. Charmin toilet paper was already $2 off, and then we got $2 more dollars off from coupons. Hooray! Our local grocery store was having a great one-day sale yesterday. We got a free slice of gourmet pumpkin pie, $2.50 off Wholly Guacamole, $1/lb strawberries, $1/pack of raspberries, $2.99 16 oz. organic salad, and some other sweet deals. PLUS they were having "holiday" sample day; so we got turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, holiday ham, pumpkin praline pie, fudge, crusted fish, fancy cheese, yogurt, and some chicken dish. It was AWESOME. I bet you got bored reading this paragraph, but I'm really grateful for good deals and delicious food!

5. Hoodie weather. I love fall, as I've mentioned before, so the weather between warm and freezing (also known as "chilly") is my favorite! You know, the weather where you can wear just a tee-shirt, jeans, & a hoodie and still be cozy. No need for a coat. That weather won't last long around here, so I'm soaking it all up now!

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