Thursday, November 10, 2011

SSAHM - Sick Stay at Home Momma (parenting lesson #4265)

SSAHM move... Elmo gives 5 minutes of relief
What'd you do this week? I've been taking care of a sick baby, while being sick myself. Ugh.

It started last week. G had some congestion in the back of her throat (I could hear it, not see it). I was hoping it was related to teething, but then the runny nose really picked up. She got super irritable, and it turned into a full on illness. I hated it...mostly because she was not herself, but also because she'd use me as a human tissue. Gross.

So, of course, I got sick too. I'm glad we are still breastfeeding, so that she is getting my immunities, but it sucks because I feel like my immune system is going more to her than to me. I know that's how it's supposed to be, but I'm not used to being under the weather for so long (more than a few days). Neither of us has a fever--just congestion and general cruddy feeling. We both can't sleep well, either. Joy.

Thus, I've learned a tough mom lesson. While I may have hated being sick before being a momma, it was way easier when I didn't have to take care of someone else too.

Being a SSAHM is hard because life must go on. We NEVER get sick days. The chores still need done, the baby still needs cared for, and I have to make sure I'm still taking care of myself.

Things accomplished as a SSAHM:

Cleaning the Bathroom
Errands (returns/shopping/mailing/banking)
Blogging (did you see the Thirsties review and giveaway?)
Feeding the baby
Cleaning the baby
Changing the baby
Rocking/Bouncing the baby
Reading to the baby (DESPITE have a hoarse voice--I forgot to mention how I lost 90% of my voice)
Nursing the baby
Playing with the baby
Dealing with a sick AND teething baby
Organizing/Picking Up
Going to church

All of the above while I'd much rather be curled up in bed sleeping, or at least trying to sleep.
Can you see the snot? The messy face is from strawberries!

{ I'm starting to wonder if this really is a cold, or something worse, because my husband has started to get a sore throat (that's how it started for me). He rarely gets sick. }


  1. Hope you feel better soon! That does not sound like fun at all. :-(

  2. Hope you feel better soon! C gets me sick EVERY time she gets sick. There is nothing worse than nursing a sick baby while you are sick. My nose starts running every time. ICK

  3. I've heard several mothers say that the hardest part about being a mom is being sick while your child is sick - it's so much work to try to take care of both yourself and someone else! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. Thanks ladies. I'm feeling a bit better... congestion is the worst as it startles the baby when I have to cough during nursing!
    G seems to be feeling a lot better but still has a yucky nose.


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