Tuesday, January 10, 2012

98% cloth wipe using household!

I'd say the 'switch to cloth wipes' is complete! We now use cloth wipes about 98% of the time. I will occasionally finish up with a disposable wipe at night to make sure G is completely clean, because we only turn on a tiny night light for midnight poopscapades (because they are white so if I wipe and it's still white, I know there's nothing left). We may also use a few when out and about (although I'm getting good at taking cloth). We bought what I hope is our last big box of disposable wipes at Target two weeks ago. I am forcing us to stretch that until G is potty trained.
In the beginning, I thought cloth wipes were gross and not worth the hassle. I've come to believe that they aren't any more gross than using a disposable wipe and the only hassle was getting used to them. Even my husband agrees that cloth wipes are easy to use--not to mention much cheaper!

We have a few recycled disposable wipe boxes set up with cloth wipes in them, a roll of toilet paper for removing any large clumps, and our Thirsties Booty Luster / Booty Love.
I'm going to buy a little more of the Booty Luster, but I also plan to come up with my own wipe solution. I'll share that with you when I figure it out.

I'd definitely recommend everyone switch to cloth wipes, but you may have to give it a few weeks so that you can figure out your own routine.

My advice: just start out using cloth wipes (and cloth diapers, of course), then there's no switch to be made ;-)

If you are considering buying some cloth wipes, check out the reviews I did while making the switch:

Thirsties Fab Wipes
Planet Wise Flannel Wipes
Bummas Cotton Terry Wipes

I'd love to combine all of them into one mega-awesome wipe. Since that's not possible. I'd suggest getting all three; using the Thirsties Fab Wipes for big messes, the Planet Wise for little messes, and the Bummas for only wet diapers.


  1. Hey Mama, I know alot of people use a wipe solution, but honestly, I've had great success using just water. Glad to hear you've had success using cloth wipes. Happy dipaering! (BTW, my name is Linda, I just couldn't convince the computer that I was anything other than anonymous)

  2. My favorite wipe solution is....water. Or water with a drop of Burt's Bees baby wash in it!

  3. I have been hesitating to use cloth wipes, but i guess it really isnt grosser than using disposables

  4. We've been using flannel wipes from the beginning, and if you are using cloth diapers anyway, it adds zero fuss, and zero grossness. I feel much better wiping baby's bottom with them, and I really think they work better than the disposable ones.


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