Friday, January 13, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (vol 7)

--- 1 ---
Sick, sick, sick.
This week brought an increase in the sickness department for baby G. She's developed a cough, which has worried me a lot. It is worse when she's trying to sleep (so that's no fun for anyone), but she is still mostly in good spirits and isn't lethargic. I'm keeping a close eye on her, because I know these things can go south very quickly for babies. Thankfully we are breastfeeding, so that's helping her immune system fight this. We are going on 2 straight weeks of some sort of illness, so say a special prayer for us, PLEASE.

--- 2 ---
Luckily, G's fourth tooth cut all the way through, so we got some relief in that department. FINALLY.
However, the fifth tooth is nearing the surface...so we'll see how long it takes for the TH (teething hell, in case you didn't read last week's 7QT) to return.

--- 3 ---
My husband celebrates his 24th birthday Thursday. Now that I am 25, 24 sounds so young ;-) LOL
I have some super awesome plans...but I am most excited about making chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese filling and cream cheese frosting. That's right, I said it: CREAM CHEESE FILLING AND CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. Get excited for those photos!
I usually make him a cheesecake for his birthday, but this year I need to practice my icing skills so that I am prepared for G's pooh cake in February. My husband's real birthday cake this year will be plain cake with various frosting experiments on top. The cupcakes are too fancy and rich to keep at home, so I'm taking them to his work. Lucky co-workers!

--- 4 ---
I've been working with the baby on a few "skills," and she's slowly learning them. Sometimes I feel like I am training a dog, because of the repetitive nature, but that's what it takes for her to pick something up. She also has a short attention span, so we do the same thing throughout the day.
I'm trying to teach her specific words so that she can pick items out of a line-up. For instance, knowing the difference in a book, baby, and rattle.
I'm trying to teach her new sounds, instead of just the typical babbles. She's getting pretty good at "sssss" and sometimes will do it without prompting. I'm also working on "yuu-yuu" for yogurt!
My husband tries to practice walking with her; and just yesterday she started showing interest in walking between objects (rather than sitting down to crawl between them).

--- 5 ---
I really want to run a half-marathon in April, so I've been running 4 miles a few times a week to get started with training. Since G is still sick, I've not been taking her to the gym daycare in hopes of boosting her ability to fight this thing off. That means, however, that I haven't been able to work out. Tonight I'm going after I put her to sleep...a week away from the gym is killing me! In case you haven't read my about section, I am a self-proclaimed gym rat.
Somehow, though, my appetite has also increased (winter-hibernation mindset, I guess). I can't get motivated to cut out sweets and this week isn't a good week to start. Remember those cupcakes I mentioned above?
--- 6 ---
My father-in-law turns FIFTY today, so if he happens to read this..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CJ.
--- 7 ---
This week I wrote two guest posts, which I hope you'll check out (if you haven't already). One was for Day in the Life about my vocation as a wife. The other was about having a baby on a budget, featured at Catholic Newlywed. I absolutely loved writing both of these pieces; as they allow me to write about things I don't normally write about here on LfM. My posts were the start of both ladies' series about the aforementioned topics, so check their blogs for future posts by other people on the same topics!

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  1. I'm trying to run a 5k sometime in the spring! Now that isn't near as bad as a half marathon but for a golfer (aka not runner) like me, it'll be a good motivation to exercise daily!
    Happy birthday to your husband! Those cupcakes sure do sound delicious :)
    I hope baby G gets better! Sick babies are no fun :( Will be praying!

  2. Happy early birthday to your husband and happy late birthday to your father in law!

    Oh and if you have any of those cupcakes left over, we're in the same state so you just let me know. :)


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