Saturday, January 14, 2012

Night and Day {teething baby vs. non teething baby}

The difference between "Teething G" and "Non-Teething G" is absolutely like night and day. I could write this in paragraph form, but I think a list makes it more clear. Plus I got to teach myself some more html.

Teething G Non Teething G
up 3 or more times a night; about 11 hours of total sleep for the whole day sleeps "almost" through the night; about 13 hours of total sleep for the whole day
cries hysterically if I sit her down and start to do a chore plays very well independently
sucks or gnaws her thumb often rarely sucks her thumb at all
tries to stuff anything in her mouth to reach her side teeth only puts objects in her mouth to learn about them
very, very irritable...tiniest thing will set her off naps great and is much happier because of it
frequently pulls off while nursing solid nursing sessions
wears us both out and the days seem sooo long we enjoy our days and sometimes are even surprised at how fast they go
have to keep her distracted by moving quickly from one thing to another attention span is long enough that we can practice a skill

I've heard that some babies don't really show signs of teething (apparently I was one of them), but I don't believe it!! My baby girl is a nightmare when she's cutting teeth. I know that parenting a preschooler brings its own set of challenges, and I love her as my bitty baby girl....but "done with teething" sounds SO appealing right now!

What are your experiences with teething children?


  1. Alethea chews on everything a lot more when she is teething. She also seems to drool more and occasionally needs a bit more loving. The worst thing that happens when she teethes is that she cries in her sleep at night. I think she might be one of those babies that isn't fazed by it that much, or the teething necklace just takes enough of the edge off that we don't notice it much. Hopefully Gianna will get those teeth in quick so you can be past all this torture!

  2. Our little girl is 19 months and didn't start to get teeth until after she was a year old, the whole time we thought she was teething because she would drool and chew a lot. However, she never cut any teeth until after one. Then when she did finally REALLY start to cut teeth you wouldn't even know she was cutting them she was mostly her normal self. We never had to use anything but maybe a little tylenol occasionally. NOW she is getting her canine teeth in and it is a nightmare!!! We have been using Hyland's all natural teething tablets, which work pretty good. We also use ibuprofen for the swelling because her gums were really swollen. Finally got my happy baby back after almost two weeks, I had never heard of Hyland's, but I'm glad someone suggested it to me.

  3. My experience has been identical to yours. My son is now 17 months old and has been teething seemingly forever. He cut his first teeth at 4.5 months old and hasn't stopped since. He's working on his final molars now. He has never been a good sleeper, and teething definitely reinforces that. I am trying to wean nursing, but it's going to be a while yet before that happens. Good luck to you!

  4. We are working on tooth five as of this afternoon! UGH!
    @ Cori, I think we are too far gone to start the necklace, I'll probably try it with baby #2
    @Debbie....we use ibuprofen occasionally too...it definitely works. I have Hyland's teething gel, but haven't tried the tablets

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