Tuesday, January 03, 2012

December 2011 Statistics

Is it really January?? December is my favorite month of the year, and I can't believe it's over. It was a really full month for my family, birthdays, holidays, travel, etc... I'm surprised I kept up with the blog like I did. I think my biggest flaw is dedication. It's a double edged sword because it's good because people can rely on me, but it's bad because sometimes I can go overboard and other things get pushed to the side. When I commit to something, I go all out...but last month I started feeling like my personal life has taken a back burner to Letters from Momma. I am not okay with that. Yes, I enjoy blogging--I like bringing you information about cloth diapers, recipes and meal plans, parenting opinions, and great giveaways--but not at the expense of my sanity and quality time with my family. That's why I took a few days off around Christmas, and I have been less rigid about my posting schedule. Hopefully you agree this is a positive move. I don't know how "huge" mommy bloggers do it...do they ever sleep?

Anyways, here are last month's stats:

Google Analytics:
2004 Visits
1078 Unique Visitors
3900 Pageviews
3:32 Average Time on Site
46.36% new visits
5% from search engine traffic
7.8% direct traffic
-the rest is from referral sites (like facebook or twitter)

Alexa Rankings:
US: 125,266
Worldwide: 1,053,557
Sites Linking in: 30

Google Pank Rank: 1/10
Monthly views according to Blogger: 5,665
Facebook likes: 457
Twitter followers: 413

December saw the biggest giveaways that I've done to date, and also the highest number of unique visitors. The two are obviously related. I have some nice giveaways in the works right now--especially for the Birthday Blog Party I'm hosting for G's birthday in February. Until then, expect to see great parenting-themed posts. I hope to guest blog at the Cloth Diaper Whisperer again, as well as at Catholic Newlywed soon.

Thanks for following Letters from Momma, I love having you :-)

ps. I made it my goal to have 500 followers by 2012, and I am at 498. Close enough for me!


  1. balance...it's all about balance....that's why it's hard.

  2. Congratulations on the FB likes and all the statistics in general!


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