Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Social Networking to be Healthy - Café Well

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cafe Well for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Cafe Well is a relatively new social networking site that aims to keep you focused on your health. It brands itself as "The Social Network to Get Well and Stay Well," so it's perfect for anyone looking to get healthier in the new year, as well as those wanting to stay in tip-top shape.

Rather than using other popular social network sites to share health-related ideas, goals, or challenges; you can find a niche for healthy living at Cafe Well. I know many of you have made a status or tweet about your latest attempt to lose weight, run a 5K, or make a healthier dinner for your family.... so just take those ideas over to Cafe Well, where you can find like-minded people 24/7. Share your ups and downs with getting in shape, training for a marathon, aiming to drink more water each day, or simply maintaining your weight.

It's a great tool for moms trying to get in shape together or co-workers trying to eat healthier; that's the beauty of social networking...you decide how to use it!
First, create an account with user name and password, or even log in with your Facebook account. You'll be asked to fill in the standard information, and then choose your health interests. At the end of the account creation, you will see a question that asks if you have an incentive code. Some employers and health insurance companies give incentives for participating in Cafe Well as their Corporate Wellness Program. If you are a member of HealthAmerica you may be eligible for the Race to the Moon program, part of Cafe Well. It is a wellness program that aims to help you stay active with incentives. You can order a pedometer (step counter) and have the chance to win great prizes.
Don't worry, you can still enjoy everything Cafe Well has to offer even if you don't have the incentive code or HealthAmerica insurance.

Once you are logged in, Cafe Well offers you the ability to:
  • keep a health-focused blog for anyone to read
  • read expert advice, find health articles, and take assessments to gage your healthy living
  • join communities that fit your health interests--like Diabetes, Cancer, Men's Health, Pregnancy, & even Health Insurance 101
  • create a personal group for your family and friends to discuss health and fitness privately
  • participate in health challenges--or create your own!
The thing I like best about Cafe Well are the challenges. I've seen challenges that encourage you to eat 5-7 fruits and vegetables a day, de-stress by taking 15 minutes for yourself, or 'run through the holidays.' The possibilities for challenges are endless because you can create your own.
If I created a health challenge, it would be a workout challenge that had members record the number of days they worked out. Working out can include going on a 2 mile walk around the block, doing 30+ minutes of Wii Fit, hitting the gym for an elliptical session, lifting weights, or going for a run. The challenge would be to workout 4 or more days each week. Through Cafe Well, participants can encourage each other and track their progress. True social networking to get and keep you healthy!
So.... if you were to create a health challenge, what would it be?


  1. I am definitely going to have to check this out! It sounds like a wonderful site. I am not sure what challenge I would do, but I guess it would be good to challenge others to do the same things I am trying to do myself: complete P90X and buy fresh/healthy food despite having to spend a little more money to do so.

  2. Thanks! I haven't heard of Cafe Well, until reading this. I'll go check it out shortly. It's to know that others are in your shoes as well and have similar goals as you.


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